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Review: LeapFrog Clic the ABC 123 Laptop, worth £24.99

Review by VIP Club Member Amie Crate

As soon as we opened the Leapfrog Clic the ABC 123 Laptop we had a fight on our hands from our 5 year old and 2 (nearly 3 year old) about who's turn it was to play. Great 1st impression from the kids.

The packaging was very well done, secure without lots of fiddly plastic straps, so we were able to recycle most of it.

I think that the toy is predominantly geared more for my 5 year old son who is learning to read, spell and write in reception at school, however, it is engaging enough to keep my nearly 3 year old daughter entertained while she learns her letters and numbers.

I love that you can turn the sound down in the settings button, but now that my son has figured this out no matter how many times I turn it down he turns it back up again. Would have been great if there was a jack to plug some headphones in. But with 2 children and a baby in the house that may have been wishful thinking.

Clic is a loveable character and I especially like how his hands move to keep the children's attention. I've also seen it recommend a screen break with a "dance break" which I thought was a really great idea.

We've had the laptop for a few weeks now and it's been played with almost every day. My daughter particularly likes pretending she's going to work and will often tell me she'll be "there in a moment, I'm busy working".

Clic feels sturdy and robust, which is a good thing as so far it's been stepped on, thrown on the floor and bumped into things and it's still going strong. My children, like most, don't know the meaning of the world gentle so Clic has really been put through it's paces.

Such a great toy that is educational as well as fun. So much so that we've gone and brought a second one.

Available to buy from Smyths