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Review: Leapfrog 2-3 Instant Camera

By Ariann Albans

The packaging of the leapfrog fun 2-3 instant camera is well made and fully recyclable so is environmentally friendly. The box is easy to open with just a bit of cello tape either side, to get the camera out you just have to undo two clips, the instructions show you how to do this very clearly.

The box is eye catching with all the information about the product, on the front of the box you will see where the camera is secured.

On the box there are arrows with information boxes pointing to different parts of the camera showing what they do.

There is also pictures of the photo cards on the front of the box showing the different animals, numbers and shapes.

On the back of the box there is a picture of the camera and the photo cards, with descriptions on either side showing what you can do and how they work, for example: zoom lens “Turn to hear opposites like day and night”.

My daughters are ages 13, 8 and 5 and my son is 5 months. The box clearly states this product is suitable for 12 plus months, I would agree because although my 5 month old son clearly enjoyed the sounds and lights as well as the brightly coloured pictures of the leapfrog camera, he could not hold or use it.

Where as my 5 and 8 year old daughters loved how easy it is to use, they really like the beautiful pictures on the photo cards and the music that plays while it’s turned on. It’s a very interactive toy as it can be played with more then one child. My 5 year old daughter loved counting the numbers on the photo cards as well as the detailed numbers on the camera.

The product is very well made with strong secure plastic so it will not break easily; it is also very easily cleaned. There is easy access to everything on the toy and won’t take up a lot of space wherever you put it, there is also a thick piece of string that you can hold to take on the go, you can also slide the cards onto the string after playing. The photo cards are very high quality and the pictures on the photo card are not a stickers that could easily peal off within a few weeks, it has been printed onto the plastic for an ever lasting fun experience. The cards will go nicely into the camera and will not take any struggles to slot in and once the child has taken a photo it interacts and plays a short tune that corresponds with the photo card.

This is a fun learning toy for children as it will encourage them to learn about shapes, animals and numbers while having fun and gaining fine motor skills.

Available to buy from Smyths