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Review: Kit & Kin All-in-One, worth £21.99

Kit & Kin, All-in-OneReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Kristi Ludlow. The Kit & Kin brand is marketed to appeal to those concerned with the environment, allergens and clothing longevity. The All-in-one markets at £21.99 for one suit and is available in 4 size options between 0 and 18 months. There are 6 pattern designs with gender neutral and muted palettes to appeal to a wide spectrum of people. The design incorporates fold over cuffs at the hand and feet for versatility, and includes a central popper fastening system. I requested the 12-18 month size suit for my daughter; she is 7 months old, and as my regularly used brands come up too short for her comfort necessitating this size, upon checking the size guide this appeared necessary with this brand. It arrived with minimal, simple packaging that clearly highlighted the brand and it’s ethos; I liked the lack of plastic that most clothing typically is swamped in; easier to open and does make you feel better about recycling. The suit mirrored the fit of other brands and the fastening mechanism worked fine. The fold over cuff design was easy to use and effective, yet appeared to limit foot space in this instance. I liked the design which had a pale multi-coloured pattern that looked pleasant and received compliments from family. The suit did appear superior in quality; softness and

thickness of suit was better than I have previously tried. I have since used and washed the suit around 5 times now and this quality has retained; no bobbling of the material or colour dulling. The product is definitely well made with no loose stitching or misaligned features, and the addition of contrasting collars and cuff adds to the detail. It is worth noting that this quality comes at a price, at £21.99 per suit this brand works out considerably more expensive than most brands; you can expect to purchase 3/4 suits for this cost in most retailers. This brand and item would definitely appeal to me for gifts or special occasions. I liked the reassurance of a well-made, natural product that suggests it will retain its good appearance for some time. It did look smarter than my usual stock, so visits to Grandparents and baby groups would be a good use for me.  With the high comparable cost and disappointing sizing I couldn’t justify purchases for casual use, yet I was definitely impressed by the overall quality of this item and will look to purchase an additional for going out and about. Buy from: Kit & Kin