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REVIEW: Jump In Trampoline Park - Warwick

The Toddle About team were delighted to be invited to Jump In Trampoline Park Warwick last weekend.  We had heard lots about their facilities for children of all ages and were keen to try it out.

Upon arriving at the park, we were greeted with a beautiful Christmas scene and then went into the check-in area.  The first thing we noticed was how clean and smart it looked, far from images of a play area that gets hundreds of children passing through their doors on a daily basis!

Having pre-booked, we checked in, having already signed the safety information online, which is required before you are allowed to enter the park.  It is worth noting here that my seven year old son son had to watch the safety video, which he loved and was therefore very engaged by and actually therefore listened to and remembered. – We were able to watch this at home before getting to the park so there was minimal waiting around and as soon as we had signed in, we were able to get started straight away!

We were delighted to see that the park, despite being fully booked and a rainy Saturday afternoon, was not overcrowded and there was plenty of space for adults to sit and watch their children, and of course plenty of space for children to play.  The placing of the seating was also perfect for being able to watch the children, and unlike many activity centres, we were able to easily find our son and make sure he was OK whenever we needed to.

As well as the safety video that every attendee has to watch and oodles of safety information to read through, it is very clear that the park is big on safety as there were lots of staff throughout the park making sure all the children were keeping safe, following the rules, and most of all, having fun!

We decided to order some food and drinks and were also pleased to find that we could order straight to our table using the QR code clearly printed on the table.  Our food and drinks arrived quickly and the tea, coffee and food was of a high quality.

As far as the children’s activities were concerned, upon entering the main area, there was a huge soft play area and tables for parents right outside there (and next to the café area), which served perfectly for younger children.  The soft play area was plentiful with what looked like a lot to do, but it also wasn’t so big that a younger child would get lost or their parent wouldn’t be able to find them.

The trampoline area is further into the park and although more vast, still has lots of areas perfect for younger children, where parents can fully supervise them, or for older ones, always see them.  Unlike many conventional soft play parks where adults cannot go into the areas in which children are playing, at Jump In they are easily able to walk around the area and check on the children.  Of course if adults wanted to jump there is the option for them to do so too, and it did look like so much fun that I was tempted…

Amongst standard trampolines, there were lots of exciting games incorporated into the trampoline theme.  Our ticket was for one and a half hours but we could have spent much longer there!

Overall, I would recommend Jump In to anyone local to the area, but would also say it is well worth travelling further afield for too.  The park is clean and friendly and not over crowded despite being popular, and I would say there is something for every child from walking to a teenager to have a really great time!

Jump In Trampoline parks offer also toddler specific sessions and details can be found here: