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Review: Johnson's Shiny Drops Bundle, worth £10.47

Johnson's Shiny DropsReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Kerry Clayton. We have loved using the Johnson Shiny Drops shampoo and spray in conditioner. My toddler isn’t keen on having her hair washed but she is intrigued by the shiny pink bottle. When we get it out at bath time she is much more receptive to having her hair washed given its eye catching colour. The shampoo smells lovely and lathers into a mass of bubbles. We have also used in on her baby sister even though it isn’t marketed as a baby shampoo, however none of it has ended up on her face yet so I don’t know if it is ‘tear free’ but it has been good on her scalp and hair, even with her cradle cap.

The leave in conditioner has been a real hit. My toddler’s hair is prone to knotting but now it is knot free and easy to brush out. She thinks she is in a salon having her hair sprayed and styled by Mummy, which has made negotiating a hair wash beforehand a lot easier! We have used the spray in conditioner on days when she isn’t having her hair washed, as a quick top up to restyle her hair. It was worked really well and saved some battles over hair washing. Since using the conditioner we haven’t had any more knots in her hair and it was been much more manageable (and less fly away) than before. I’ve even used it a few times myself, mainly because my toddler has decided she wants to style my hair. Overall the fun eye catching colour and novelty of a spray in conditioner has made a game out of hair washing and styling. Since using the products on the children their hair has thickened up nicely as well, I don’t know if this is a result of the products but it is a welcome development. All in all we would recommend these products and will be using them again in the future. Purchase from