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Review: Ickle Bubba 6-Piece Nursery Starter Set

By Elizabeth Scott

The first thing that was immediately obvious on receiving the Ickle Bubba 6 Piece Nursery Set was that the packaging is entirely plastic free and therefore environmentally friendly which i feel is important in the current climate. On opening the box the contents are neatly folded into the space and it was exciting emptying the box to see what the individual items were like.

First out of the box was the comforter toy. This was a rainbow attached to lovely soft fleecy fabric with tags around the outside. From experience I know that babies love tags and am sure this will prove to be a well loved toy!

The sheets and blanket are so soft to touch and feel so lovely against your skin. They are 100% cotton so for a newborn with sensitive skin they are perfect! The pattern is lovely and vibrant, there is a real mix of colours making up the rainbows. We have this for a little boy but it would also be perfect for a girl. The blanket is a perfect size to be used in a pram or car seat and also at home, it is light enough that it will fold down into a bag if not being used but double layered so provides some much needed warmth. 

The changing mat is lovely soft plastic, and the design means that the mat can fold without splitting allowing for easier storage and transportation if needed. The mat looks so comfortable when baby is lying on it.

My personal favourite out of the kit is the sleeping bag. It feels so cosy and like the other products is so soft to touch. The highlight for me though is the double zip meaning easy access for those overnight changes! I wish I’d had this for my older children when they were tiny.

This is a great product and so far have been really pleased with it. The colours and pattern are lovely and make the nursery so bright! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to kit out a new nursery.

Available to buy from Ickle Bubba