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Review: Geomag 337 Supercolour Panels 35 Piece Set

By Sophie Knott

This product consists of magnetic rods and balls to connect together plus plastic shapes to slot in and create 3D structures. Advertised at 5-99 years, I wondered if my 3 1/2 year old would be a bit too young, but he already owns some more basic magnetic tiles and was really keen to give these a go. 

The concept is simple and everything is really easy to connect together. It was straightforward to build simple structures with the plastic shapes. My son also just liked joining the rods to the balls or to each other and seeing what flat patterns he could make, like a diamond or a person. The magnets in the rods are really strong so we also used them to explore how magnets work and see what we could pick up with them. My son loved putting one of the balls on top of a card and using the rod underneath to move it around. 

The limitation of this product is that you can only really make one small structure with the pieces in the kit at a time. I can see that if you had more pieces it would really enhance what you could do and extend the length of time my son engaged with it. However this would obviously cost more money. The other thing is, the balls used for connecting the rods are small and easy to drop and lose (we are one down already!). 

For storage, the set comes with a plastic box to store the rods and balls. It would have been nice if the shapes also fitted in the box but there was a sandwich bag type plastic bag for everything to fit in (a lot smaller than keeping the box!).