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Review: Convertible Ice Cream Shop Activity Book, worth £19.99

Review by VIP Club Member Chrishna Vaja.

What a great idea for a product to either get for your children or even give as a gift! This comes flat packed as a big book so easy to transport if you are looking to take away, and when opening you can make into a pop-up ice cream shop.

My son spent most of his time as the ice cream shop owner making us ice creams and excitedly asking us what toppings we would like. Toppings included fruit, chocolate, sweets and multiple flavours of sauces. The sides of the pop-up shop could be used to put scoops of ice cream where there were images of cones, either one or multiple scoops on top of each other. It even has a check-out till image so the children can pretend as though they are pressing buttons and telling you how much it cost. There are recommendations of prices on the till so it makes it easier for children to come up with a price.

The only limitation is that there is only a couple of lollies and no place to really place them. Another recommendation would be to have some play money so you can give then this when ordering your ice cream.

This product could not only be used as a pop-up shop but as a book. We spent some time looking through and talking through what we could see. I loved how colourful and engaging this product was and enjoyed seeing my son explaining what he could see including the animals dotted around throughout. Using his imagination he was telling me what ice cream they might like. There are also questions that are already written throughout the product to engage them and get them thinking for example “What colour is the strawberry flavour?”

Really loved using this and so did my son. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this!

Available to buy from Miles Kelly