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Review: Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock Book by Barbara Panetta

We were very lucky to receive a copy of the Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock book that has been written and illustrated by the very talented Barbara Panetta.  

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock

Following the success of Barbara's first book, Chloe's Promise, this is the second book in the Ant Chloe Series of books. 

Chloe and the Gr-ant-father Clock is such a lovely book with a wonderful meaning to it. It is written in a nice simple way so that children can follow and understand it easily and it has very nice illustrations to look at as well.

The story is about a family of Ants that have a problem that they have to deal with after a big storm breaks their clock and blows all the numbers out of the window, they all start to worry that they will not know what time it is and that all the days will become confusing, so they realise that the only way to solve this is to get the numbers back, but how??

We don't want to ruin the story and tell you what happens, but the book is absolutely perfect for helping children with numbers and making them learn about their own skills and talents and how important working together as a team is.

The book is suitable for children age 3 years+ and is highly recommended to parents.

Another great thing about is that the sales of all Ant Chloe’s books are in aid of of the Momentum Children's Charity.

The Momentum Charity Momentum Children’s Charity supports families across South West London, Surrey and West Sussex whose children are facing cancer or a life-challenging condition. Being told your child has cancer or another life-challenging condition is devastating. Day-to-day life is turned upside down. Momentum supports the entire family during times of unimaginable strain – the children and their parents, but also siblings and grandparents too. Momentum makes sure that no family has to cope alone by providing personally tailored support to the entire family, both in hospital and at home. For more information visit:

To find out more about Barbara and her books, please visit