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Review: Casdon Joseph Joseph Play Sink & Colour Change Accessories, worth £25.00

Review by VIP Club Member Alice Rowland

This was a great choice of toy for my daughter as she often asks to help me with the washing up.
The concept is brilliant, you wash the colourful plates, cups and cutlery in water until they turn white. The colour change aspect is brilliant and makes the play more purposeful.

In lots of ways the design is really well thought out. It's strong and sturdy. The drying rack is extendable, making the toy more compact when not in use. There is a squeezy soap bottle and a brush with silicone bristles which are flexible when cleaning.

To set up this toy, you fill a container at the bottom with warm water. When pushed the tap draws water from here and squirts it in to the basin. When the plug is pulled the water goes back in to the bottom container and the process is repeated. I love that these features really work, it makes the play more realistic.

The main draw back I have with this product is that the water needs to be warm in order for the colour change aspect to work. As the container only holds a small amount of water it only stays warm for five minutes at a time. Then you have to take the whole thing back apart to refill it with warm water again.

Overall this is a well-made toy which my daughter loves to play with. I'm looking forward to her trying this toy out in the garden in the Summer when hopefully the water will stay warmer for longer.

Available to buy from Argos