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Review: BilinguaSing Album

Review by Pia at Toddle About Suffolk & S. Warwickshire
BilinguaSing is the UK’s only carefully-crafted music-led programme for teaching languages to babies and children from birth to 11 years. Because children learn best when they don’t realise that they’re learning, their multi-award winning French, Spanish, German and Italian classes combine music with language learning in a way that’s fun - both for children and their grown-ups! 

BilinguaSing have got MP3 bilingual music downloads available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian and we’ve put them to the test. 
Both of our sons (6 and 10 yrs) are growing up bilingual as, and you may not know this, I am Austrian and my husband is British so there is a mixture of German and English in our house. 

Many friends around me alway say that the boys are lucky and they wish that their children were brought up bilingually. Yes I can see why - I want to make sure that my boys embrace the Austrian culture and language as much as they do the British, but having a bilingual household its not always that easy.
I often find myself starting a sentence in German and finish it in English or reiterate the word in English when I get that blank look on their face, which tells me that they didn’t understand a word I just said. I have to admit that I do feel frustrated at times over the fact that they understand German, for the most part, but typically respond only in English. 
English is their main language, without a doubt. They are surrounded by the English language day in and day out - even my husband, after 16 years, still only knows a handful of German words. 
I speak to my children in German every day but despite my high hopes, they won’t speak the minority language. This is a common and widespread challenge for parents with bilingual kids, so I know I am not alone. 
This got me thinking - how can we practise speaking German in a fun way. They both love music so why not sing it! BilinguaSing’s language learning albums turned out to be the perfect solution. 
It is very simple to set up. 
Simply go to their website and choose your preferred language.
Extra bonus: get £5 OFF your first album download by quoting ‘TODDLE’ at checkout.
You can choose between Bilingual Nursery Rhymes for Babies & Young Children - fully compatible with EYFS curriculum, Pre-School Songs - fully compatible with EYFS framework and Primary School Songs - fully compatible with the KS2 framework for MFL. 
The boys enjoyed listening to the songs as they are quite fun and upbeat and then slowly started to sing along to the words (when I wasn’t listening in!). Along with reading to your child in their minority language, these songs are a fantastic addition and a great way to boost your children’s language ability. 
BilinguaSing is not just for bilingual children but for any children (and grown ups!) who want to learn a second language. The best time for a little one to learn a second (or even third) language is while they are mastering their first. So why not give it a go and download your first album
To find out more or to find your local BilinguaSing class visit 
Los geht's - Let's Go!