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Review: BIBS Bundle, worth £41.40

Review by VIP Club Member Kate Floyer

The BIBS bundle that I received included a BIBS dinner bib, two BIBS muslin cloths and two glow in the dark BIBS Boheme pacifiers.

All of the products are of excellent quality, I have been really impressed with how aesthetically pleasing they are as well as being very functional.

The dinner bib is a lovely sage green colour and feels very sturdy. Many bibs with scoop bottoms to catch spills and crumbs can feel quite flimsy but this BIBS item definitely feels as if it has been made from higher quality materials and would stand the test of time much better than alternatives on the market. I also really like that the fastenings are at the front of the bib rather than at the back of the neck. My daughter’s hair can often get caught when fastening a ‘normal’ bib which can be painful for her - this design feature prevents that entirely. The ability to throw the bib in the dishwasher is also really convenient.
Star rating - 5/5

The two muslin cloths I received were ivory in colour, really large in size and very soft. After several washes at 40 degrees they still feel soft, and look as nice as they did when they arrived. Again, they do seem to be made of higher quality materials and slightly thicker than muslins you would tend to buy elsewhere. Having looked at the BIBS website I would say that the only downside of these Muslims is the cost. They appear to be a lot more expensive to buy than others muslins on the market.
Star rating - 4/5

The two pacifiers were, again, really attractive. The pale, pastel colours and matte finish of the BIBS products is very on trend and the sweet lattice-type design on the pacifier is very nice. The glow in the dark feature is very useful during the night of the pacifier falls from baby’s mouth - they can easily find it again without mum or dad having to come and help out.
Star rating - 4/5

Available to buy from BIBS