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Review: Baby Kingdom Luxury Gift Set, worth £65.00

Review by VIP Club Member Joanna Horner Lewis

We’ve been trying all of the items from Baby Kingdoms Luxury Gift Set for a few weeks now and I must say, for a person like me who's actually quite sceptical about changing toiletries for the kids, I love them all!  I love that  all of these products are all very natural in terms of ingredients and they honestly smell AMAZING! Our baby and toddler actually smell like baby babies again, its lovely and so perfect for all the family really! I also love the quality of the packaging pumps - they’re so good you get the perfect amount of product each time and then the product itself seems like it will last forever as none is going to waste, so it feels worth the cost.

The only real flaw and thing I haven’t loved has been the branding on the packaging as all of the packs have very similar images on and shiny reflective writing which is quite hard to tell the difference between the bottles if you’re in a rush and I don’t think it shows how premium the product actually feels to use!

It’s really lovely that it comes in a handy box to keep all of your keepsakes in, we’re really looking forward to keeping it as a little bit of a memory box from our little ones first year! It definitely adds another dimension to the product, especially if you were giving it or receiving it as a gift from someone. It would be cool if there was an option to personalise the box for each baby!

The baby powder has been super useful and easy to use as the pump almost sprays out the powder so you don’t end up getting it everywhere or waste loads, plus left our little ones skin feeling super soft.

The shampoo and the 2 in 1 wash pumps are great, it’s quite a thick liquid so one pump is more than enough and lathers amazingly, they feel super premium and so great for our baby and our toddler and us adults too! I’m sure that the shampoo has also helped with our babies cradle cap too as it’s super moisturising!

Our toddler has quite dry skin and we’ve found that the moisturiser has done wonders for this, we often do it after bath and before bed and the smell is SO relaxing!

Our baby has been teething recently so we’ve been flying through the nappy cream like crazy, and i’ve found it really seems to help clear any rash. It’s also very silky and you don’t need to use much at all, a little goes a long way.

Would 100% recommend, especially as a gift.

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