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Review: AquaPlane, worth £29.99

Review by VIP Club Member Samantha Page

My little boy Ollie was so excited when his orange aqua-plane arrived and he couldn't wait till we finally managed to get our local pool. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos in the pool but I managed a sneaky one in the changing room! He says it's like having a jet-pack!!

I am so impressed with the aqua-plane, due to Covid times I never got to go to water baby classes with him and have only been able to take him swimming on the odd occasions so, as such, he's not that confident in the water. He's always refused to float on his back but, with the aqua-plane on his belly, he actually happily floated on his back for the first time! This is a great achievement for him and I was a super proud mummy!! It really helped him start to coordinate his legs and arms together more when he had it on his back too. I really cannot wait til we go on holiday so he can use it in the pool every day - sooooo much easier, and better, than arm bands!

Also, the information on the packaging was super informative with regards to how to use it so I wasn't worried about trying to get it on him.

Overall I was very impressed and would honestly give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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