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Book Review: The Ultimate Challenge Book

By VIP Club Member Deidre Harrell 

The Ultimate Challenge Book 

The best way to describe this book would be through the words of my kids: Very, very awesome, cool and amazing! This was an incredibly fun book, not just for the kids, but even for me. It is filled with a great amount of fun activities and challenges. Many of the one-player challenges are also suitable for multi-player challenges. The kids had great fun choosing different challenges, there are plenty to choose from, and then thoroughly enjoyed following the instructions and doing the challenges. The majority of them were easy enough for both kids to understand, kids are 5 and 7 years old. Was easy for my 7 year old to read by himself, but still too much for the 5 year old. Little one really struggling with loosing, but great way to teach them having fun with competitive activities. This is a really great resource for keeping kids entertained and occupied when you hear those dreaded words: I am bored! Will also be a great gift to the young ones.