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Book Review: The Colourful Me Collection

By VIP Club Member Rachel O'Connor

The Colourful Me Collection: Journey 1, Journey 2, and Journey 3, by Simone Greaves

These are very detailed books, and good if your child has an interest in how other people live and what other cultures are like around the world. Our son is only just 4, and not yet at school, so a bit too detailed/copy heavy in places to maintain his attention. He liked trying to guess the countries from his limited knowledge so far. Being more factual, and less like a fiction story book, its probably more suitable for reading during the day as part of wider topics or activities, than a bedtime story. It’s also a little challenging in place for the reader when the words are in the local language, without indication on how to pronounce. The glossary at the back, of what they mean, is good but it also means a lot of flicking backwards and forwards, not really constructive for a bedtime story.

I really like the sentiment of the books, and the education into other culture it brings, just a bit long and young for our son at the moment, probably good for 5/6 yrs old onwards.