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Book Review: See What I Can Do

By VIP Club Member Vicki Martin 

See What I Can Do, by Jon Roberts

'See What I Can Do' is not what I was expecting but is a lovely book and very helpful for explaining different disabilities/conditions in a child friendly way. This is not a traditional story book, but instead each page focusses on a different condition, providing a simplistic description of the symptoms/impacts while also highlighting the positives. My 3 year old did not find it engaging enough to sit and listen to the whole book like he would a regular one, however we know people with several of the conditions in the book, so he found these pages more engaging as was able to relate it to someone he knew. Overall it is a well thought out book, with lovely illustrations and child friendly descriptions for a broad range of both physical & mental health conditions. Not a bedtime reading book, but a very useful tool for helping children (and adults) understand the impacts of disabilities on daily life, while also showing that everyone, regardless of health conditions is cable of doing amazing things.