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Book Review: Saving the Butterfly

By VIP Club Member Belinda Mollan

Saving the Butterfly, by Helen Cooper

This is a lovely book which gently addresses the issue of childhood anxiety and demonstrates that it can be overcome. It does this by following the paths of two siblings, who sadly experience a traumatic event, which results in the loss of their previous lives. One child copes much better than the other, with the older one struggling to adapt, until one day her desire to help a stranded butterfly forces her to overcome her fears.

My two children enjoyed this story, the younger one (4) accepted the story as read but my older child (6) asked lots of questions which led to a deeper discussion about feelings and how certain events can have an effect on them. I therefore feel that this book would be an excellent resource to initiate such discussions or to assist a child who is already experiencing anxiety to understand and hopefully overcome it.