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Book Review: Monster! Hungry! Phone!

Review by VIP Club Member Sam Bray

Monster! Hungry! Phone! By Sean Taylor 

Monster is hungry and is trying to order some pizza. The story follows his phone calls and how he reacts to each call. The illustrations really tell the story. They are very colourful and expressive, appealing to any age. The book kept my 3 year old son's attention every time we read it.  My 6 month old enjoyed looking at, and tapping the pages.

There's lots of scope to be creative with the character voices when reading aloud. Which keeps it fun and interactive. I would have preferred there to be speech marks to differentiate between action and direct speech, but it did not affect the quality of the book. 

My son loved saying "Monster hungry" and he was able to recognise and empathise with Monster's feelings throughout the book (encouraged by Monster's facial expressions). My son found the ending of the book funny (and of course silly).

Monster! Hungry! Phone! is bright, colourful, lively, quirky and fun.