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Book Review: All About Me

By VIP Club Member Fiona Minney

The book we were sent by Toddle About is called All About Me - My Thoughts, My Style, My Life by Ellen Bailey, and I sat with my 8 and a half year old daughter as she looked through it.

She loved it!

This book is for the young reader to fill in themselves; with pages guided to get them thinking about subjects such as personal preferences, friendships and future plans.

It’s done in a relaxed and fun way eg there are little quizzes and the illustrations provide interesting page layouts.

If I was nitpicking, I think it would have been nice if the book was more colourful inside; to reflect the cover.  The inside is just green, white and black.

I’d say it’s definitely aimed at girls, and has a maximum age range of 6-12y.

The book could be completed by your child by themselves or done with you as a bonding exercise, or perhaps they’d like to share it with a friend or sibling.  I feel it could be a very useful tool for confidence building as well, and I would be happy to buy this as a gift for someone.

As the book says “What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and make this book as brilliant as you are!”