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Working Mums: How to Make Sure Your Corporate Training Event Runs Smoothly

Planning and executing a successful corporate training event takes time, organisation, and attention to detail. Follow these tips to help ensure your next event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Choose the Right Venue

One of the most important decisions you'll make when planning a corporate training event is choosing the right venue. Consider the expected number of attendees and any special needs like A/V equipment when venue shopping. Book your venue as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date and space. Visit the venue in person beforehand to work out logistics like room layouts and determine if any additional rentals like extra chairs or tables will be necessary.

Send Clear Communication

Communicate early and often with attendees to set clear expectations. Send a save-the-date notice at least 2-3 months in advance. One month out, email a detailed agenda and any pre-event assignments or reading materials. Send periodic reminder emails leading up to the event date. Make sure all event details like start/end times, location address, and parking information are included.

Arrange Food and Beverages

Providing food and drinks will make your training event more comfortable and enjoyable for attendees. Work with professional catering services in London to arrange catering for coffee breaks, lunch, and snacks. Take any dietary restrictions and allergies into account when selecting your menus from a catering service. If possible, have coffee, tea, water, and light morning snacks available when attendees arrive. Serving lunch at the midway point gives attendees a needed break and energy boost. Look for a food catering service that can provide afternoon snacks like biscuits or fruit to keep attendees satisfied until the end of the day. 

Prepare Attendee Packets

Attendee packets add a nice touch to your training event. Packet essentials include the printed agenda, notebooks and pens, name tags, and hard copies of any presentations or materials. You may also choose to provide useful items like hand sanitiser, mints, coupons, or company swag. Prepare packets ahead of time so they are ready to hand out as attendees arrive.

Use Technology Effectively

A/V equipment is key for presentations, videos, and slides at training events. Visit the venue beforehand and test all equipment like projectors, screens, microphones, and internet connectivity. Prepare backups like extension cords and extra batteries. Print hard copies of presentations as a contingency. Provide clear instructions and support to presenters unfamiliar with the equipment.

Assign On-Site Staff

Designate staff to handle logistics like registration, A/V, room setups, and troubleshooting on the event day. These support staff will keep things organised and allow you to focus on delivering a great training experience. Provide staff with detailed timelines, duty checklists, and emergency contacts. 

Build in Extra Time

Avoid rushing during your training event by building in buffer time throughout the agenda. Attendees will need 15-30 minutes to get settled with coffee and snacks when they arrive. Allow extra time for transitions between sessions, presenter setup time, and potential technical difficulties. Schedule breaks at least every two hours. Ending early is better than running late and having to cut valuable content short.

The little details go a long way in ensuring your corporate training event is smooth, productive, and enjoyable for all participants. Advance planning, thorough communication, and thoughtful touches like refreshments pave the way for training success. With these tips in mind, you can plan and execute corporate events that make a lasting positive impact.