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Why Wireless Cat Water Fountains Safe With Toddlers Around

Among the things that cat owners need to do is to regularly provide them clean and safe drinking water. With the best cat water fountain, they can do this and ensure their cats hydrate themselves fully so they can stay out of health issues.

But are wireless cat water fountains safe with toddlers around? This article discusses why wireless cat water fountains are safe for toddlers.

Decreased Risks of Pollution

Compared to traditional water bowls, wireless water fountains are safe from contamination with bacteria, viruses, dirt, dust, and even sand. The water fountains have a unique filtration system and an ion exchange resin to ensure optimal performance. This means they are safe even if toddlers come into contact with the water.

Higher chances of tipping and spilling

Toddlers are playful; hence, they can accidentally trip and spill the feeding bowls, creating a messy situation. Similarly, if your kids are fond of playing, they can easily damage them, and such bowls may get damaged faster.

However, you can avoid this with a sturdy wireless cat water fountain or dispenser, especially if the kid accidentally pushes or bumps into it. Plus, these water fountains are fitted with an external pump, which is separate from the water to ensure electrical safety.

Prompt Reminders

Unlike traditional water bowls, wireless cat fountains can take your experience to the next level. Fitted with inbuilt indicator lights, these fountains will remind you in case of expired filters, low water levels, and low battery. You can also use your phone to monitor this so you know what's needed. This way, you can rest assured that the fountain produces clean and safe water for drinking.

This also makes it easy to maintain the fountain so that it doesn't harm any toddler. These indicators also make it easy to maintain the fountain, considering you know when filters are due for replacements or when the system is due for charging.

Design for Comfort

Most wireless cat water fountains feature a wide and shallow tray that prevents your cat's whiskers from touching the edges so the water remains safe from contamination.

The fountain also has a timed mode that allows it to release the water only at intervals for cats that prefer a routine. Plus, the cordless cat water fountain is safe for cats.

Various Placing Options

While traditional water fountains do not allow you to place them anywhere in the home, you can do this with a wireless fountain. You don't have to worry since they don't require an electric outlet. You can place them anywhere, provided they are away from your kid's reach.

Apart from the unlimited placement options, a wired water fountain minimizes the chances of the kid playing with the wire and even damaging it in the process. These fountains are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them safe from electric shock risks and other related dangers.

Multiple Dispensing Modes and Simple Maintenance

Most wireless cat water fountains come with at least three dispensing modes that work through the principle of motion sensing. This means the device will start dispensing immediately when it senses your cat's presence.

The fountain also features a simplified design that makes it easy to disassemble and clean within seconds. This way, you can ensure the water is always safe for your pet and toddler.

Less Noise

This wireless cat water fountain noise is usually 30 dB, making it work silently to ensure the pet drinks water without disturbing anybody. Toddlers are also likely to be frightened by the fountain while the cat is drinking compared to the traditional wired fountains that produce a lot of noise.

More so with this fountain, your toddlers can sleep soundly even if your cat is drinking water right next to your bed.

Tips To Set Up a Wireless Cat Water Fountain

* Place the fountain in an open and quiet area where your cat feels at ease
* Since each fountain has specific guidelines to follow, read and carefully follow them
* Check the battery power, water level, and filters and replace them if necessary


While wired cat water fountains were common in the past, they are increasingly being replaced by innovative solutions such as wireless cat water fountains. With the wireless cat water fountains, you don't have to worry about having a power outlet, as these fountains don't need to be plugged in.

You just need to charge the battery and place it anywhere, especially where your cat likes to spend time, such as the living room, bedroom, and even outside. The most amazing thing is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Plus, you don't have to worry about the danger of leaking power or damaged electric components. When looking for one it's important to choose one with a functional filtration system, adjustable water flow, safe materials, and ease of cleaning.