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Why Is Surrogacy Expensive? Here’s An Answer

Gestational surrogacy only seems easy: you choose a carrier, an egg donor, do artificial insemination, embryo transfer and then wait till the carrier bears the child. The steps mentioned here also take a lot of time, effort and cost a lot of money. Take into account that a carrier risks her health because pregnancy and giving birth are very stressful and harmful for women’s organisms. Regular medical checks in a clinic, good nutrition, and many other factors make the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and abroad very high.

However, intended parents are ready to give everything just to have a child. And agencies like the World Center of Baby organising surrogacy Ukraine and abroad help couples implement their dreams into reality. Taking into account the range of services provided by the agency, we can say there’s no better organisation in Ukraine and Europe at all. It has a huge team of doctors, partners, and other experts who do great things.

The consultation with the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine is free. If you still have some unanswered questions about this process, you may put them to real experts and get detailed answers.

Why Is WCOB The Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine?

The law prohibits you from personally deciding to find a surrogate mother, choosing any woman, and doing an embryo transfer in any clinic. That’s why cooperation with the surrogacy agency is an obligatory step for intended parents who want to have children. The World Center of Baby was launched a few years ago as a small but promising agency. Nowadays, it’s one of the top surrogate agencies in Europe, having its own clinic and organising the best surrogacy in Ukraine.

The agency’s team consists of people who adore what they do and are ready to improve their knowledge and skills every day. They visit each conference and forum devoted to reproductive medicine to provide high-quality services to intended parents. The agency helps both heterosexual and gay (LGBT) couples to become happy finally. It’s amazing because not all countries and laws allow LGBT couples to use surrogacy.

WCOB is a perfect choice for intended parents because here, they’ll get everything they need. All carriers the agency can offer are healthy women that already have one or more own children — it proves they can bear a healthy child for IPs. Surrogacy experts already know all peculiarities of the process, all fears of the IPs, so they can provide the necessary support for them. Isn’t this agency the best? If the price is too high for people, they’ll be offered the instalment payments system.

WCOB is a licensed and certified provider of gestational surrogacy Ukraine — visit their website, and you’ll see the scans of all documents proving it. The surrogacy programs offered here have helped more than 150 people to become parents. More than 73 children were born due to the agency’s work. If you’re ready to start a new life — appoint a consultation online and get closer to your dream.