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Why Home Birth Came Back into Style

A lot of parents are choosing home births instead of going to a hospital, and it’s becoming wildly popular again. During the pandemic situation that started in early 2020, more and more influencers are seen giving birth at home, and this message is important for all young women who are considering this alternative due to these influences. Awareness of this option has grown a lot. People are coming forward with their experiences, and sharing deep details about home births. This is not something to take lightly, but it can be a beautiful option for those who are low-risk. First, a little information about home birth.

As stated by the name, home birth means you’ll be giving birth at home instead of at a hospital. People still need at least one professional present, and they’ll need to consult with their midwife when considering this option. Midwives should discuss potential risks, as it can be riskier than hospital births, especially amongst older women or women carrying their first baby.

Risks are also higher for women who’ve had a C-section, or women carrying more than one baby. Also, your midwife or any professional present can suggest moving to a hospital after the labour has started, so regardless of where you plan on giving birth, you should have a hospital bag ready. This suggestion can come from all sorts of complications from blood-pressure, abnormal bleeding, or the pace of labour.

Now as to why people are choosing their homes over a hospital environment. Studies show, that women choosing home birth were basing their decisions on these factors:

  1. Safety
  2. Avoidance of unnecessary medical interventions common in hospital births
  3. Previous negative hospital experience
  4. More control
  5. Comfortable, familiar environment
  6. Trust in the birth process

Now to break this down. First of all, a hospital is cold, it’s not welcoming, it is stressful and rigid. But what’s more important, is that at home you are in control of your environment. This is the number one reason women often consider having a home birth. Being in a safe and warm environment isn’t for the benefit of the baby. Rather it’s for keeping the mum in a healthy state of mind, so the process is much easier. The motions are natural, the entire experience is what it should be, and if the mother can let go, be comfortable and trust the process, she can just shut her eyes and do what her body needs to. The process of giving birth is the most natural that’s encoded in our instincts. It should be like breathing, swallowing, or burping. When being connected to your body, it will tell you what to do, and you can do it even without outside assistance. This is the natural process most women trust when deciding to live with the opportunity of home birth.

A lot of women who choose this option choose it because they gave birth to their first child in a hospital, and the process didn’t have any complications. Some people go in this direction because of religious or cultural beliefs. Some because there’s more control, and they can calmly give birth surrounded by loved ones, without medication. Studies show that the position they put mothers in while giving birth, is in fact not the most natural to be in, it just has the best view for the midwife. So for some, this is a priority when deciding how to give birth.

The most freedom is in choosing the setting, the process, and the position of giving birth. Some choose to light candles, dim the lights, aromatherapy, so they can just let go and peacefully go through this natural process. During early labour, you can walk around, take a warm shower, meditate, sit on your favourite, most comfortable chair, listen to music, turn on a movie, or lie down in your bed, maybe try to sleep if you can. A big bonus is that your baby will be born in their home, in a warm environment, and surrounded by their family. Mothers can sleep in their own bed, and the baby can stay close to mum.

All in all, home births have come back in style, or rather became a serious topic of discussion amongst young adults and midwives. They can be a blessing for the family, they’re definitely less stressful than hospital births, that is if you pay attention to the risks as well. People who go through with it are always very cautious and aware, as everyone should be because it’s a huge responsibility. Each day more light is shed on this important topic, in 2021, a movie about it has even been nominated for an Oscar. Although, the drama Pieces of a Woman is only recommended for people who are not afraid to see possibly the worst side of the story. Nonetheless, it’s something people are discussing, as it is something we need to talk about.