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What Women Can Be Egg Donors?

Egg donation is an important part of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and helps countless individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood. However, not every woman is suitable to be an egg donor. There are specific criteria and guidelines that must be met to become an egg donor in Ukraine. Read more about this in our article. 

Basic Qualifications for Egg Donors

The main criteria for egg donors are:


It’s an important factor in determining a woman's eligibility for egg donation. Most egg donation programs require donors to be between the ages of 21 and 35. This age range is chosen because younger women tend to have healthier eggs and higher fertility rates, which increases the chances of a successful pregnancy for the recipient.

Health requirements: 

Prospective egg donors must be in excellent physical and mental health. This includes maintaining a healthy body weight, as being extremely underweight or overweight can affect egg quality and hormone levels. A thorough medical examination is performed to screen for genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and general reproductive health. In addition, a psychological evaluation ensures that the donor is mentally prepared for the process and understands the implications of donation.


A healthy lifestyle is essential for egg donors. Non-smokers and those who do not use recreational drugs are preferred, as these substances can adversely affect egg quality. In addition, moderate alcohol consumption and a balanced diet are encouraged to maintain optimal health.

Family medical history:

A thorough review of the donor's family medical history is performed to identify any hereditary diseases or genetic disorders. Donors with a family history of serious genetic diseases or conditions may be disqualified to avoid passing them on to their offspring.

Commitment and responsibility:

Egg donation requires a significant time commitment and adherence to medical protocols. Donors must be reliable and willing to attend multiple medical appointments, undergo hormone injections and follow doctors' instructions closely. This commitment ensures the best possible outcome for both the donor and the recipient.

According to Anastasia Herman, an important requirement for being a surrogate mother in Ukraine is to have at least one child of your own. Without this, a woman cannot be accepted into a surrogacy program. 

Egg donation is an important and responsible procedure that requires a woman to be in good health, both physically and mentally. Only if she meets all the requirements and undergoes all the necessary examinations can a woman become a donor and help infertile couples realize their dream of children.