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What to Consider When Choosing a New Family Car

Little one on the way? Current car not up to scratch? It sounds like it’s time to consider an upgrade. Picking a good family car depends on several factors including safety, reliability, size and fuel efficiency. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes a good family car and give you some great options to consider.

What makes a good family car?

A good family car must be able to handle the strains and stresses of daily family life, just as you need to. The factors people place more emphasis on tend to be:


The size of the car, number of seats and space available in the boot and interior are key considerations. If you already have a family or are expecting to start one, you can never have too much space for luggage, shopping bags, equipment and supplies. A great way to go about this and to get the extra space that you require, is to choose an estate car, which gives you ample space in the boot of the car without effecting the rest of the car space.


Of course, you want to buy a car that’s going to keep you and your family safe. Modern cars have the latest safety equipment installed, protecting driver and passengers in the event of collisions and crashes, and in general on the road.


Managing family finances isn’t easy at the best of times, so no one needs the extra costs of breakdowns and repairs. Reliability is a key factor to ensure you can meet your family commitments and keep maintenance costs low. The reliability index ranks every car by reliability and the average cost of repair.

Fuel efficiency

On a similar note, fuel efficiency is important to reduce the cost of running all those family errands. School runs, weekly shops and family holidays can see the miles adding up, so a car with good fuel economy can help to keep costs low if finances are a priority.


Other elements such as entertainment features, automatic doors, parking sensors and collapsable seats may be on your list of must-haves. Finding a car with these makes sure you have all the functionality you need.

Best family cars in 2024

* Skoda Kodiaq: A standout choice for families searching for space and practicality. It’s not just the size that impresses, the Kodiaq is renowned for its comfort, solid build and excellent value for money.

* Volvo XC40: An emblem of reliability, Volvo has been a long-standing choice for families over the decades. The XC40 delivers a comfortable drive and plenty of space for family life, without being too cumbersome on the roads.

* BMW 3 Series Touring: For those with a bigger budget, the BMW 3 Series Touring provides all the space and functionality needed in a family car with added luxury, elegance and performance. Used BMW 3 Series cars are more affordable for the masses, offering a taste of luxury for a smaller price tag.

* Volkswagen ID.4: If you’re looking for an electric option, the Volkswagen ID.4 is well worth considering. It combines space, comfort and innovative technology with the sustainability of zero emissions. The range is competitive, making it ideal for city commutes and longer family trips.