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What Features to Consider When Buying a Cot Bed Mattress?

A cot bed mattress should be firm, flat and supportive, this will allow the baby to sleep comfortably and develop properly, which is the most important thing.

Since the cot bed must absolutely correspond to the position of the body, when buying you must pay attention to the main characteristics and also to choose a good mattress. That way, you will invest in something that supports the child's development and will not interfere with it, and you will also avoid additional costs. You will know what you are looking for, and in order to find it, you need to look at a few important items.

What to consider when buying a cot bed mattressWhat to consider when buying a cot bed mattress?

What to consider when buying a cot bed mattress

Undulating surfaces and similar characteristics of the mattress are not a good environment for a child. That is why it is necessary to buy a mattress that provides maximum safety, and it is reflected through several key factors. These are the type of mattress, dimensions, support, waterproof and more. The Sleep Advisers offer a great buyer’s guide for picking the perfect cot bed mattress for your new-born!

Type of mattress

Each type of mattress offers different benefits, and we distinguish foam, sprung and foam-free mattress. Foam cot bed mattresses are the right choice for you if you want your baby to provide great support for very little money. It is much lighter than the others, while at the same time it is durable and resistant to mites. Standard sprung cot bed mattresses feature open coil springs surrounded by foam and fillings. They are known for durability. Foam-free coat bed mattresses are quite breathable which allows the baby to sleep better at night. These are mostly natural materials.


During the purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the bed, because it can happen that it is not compatible with the bed. Basically, you will find all the standard sizes and these are UK cot mattress size and a cot bed mattress. The first is slightly smaller than the second. Remember that the size of the cot bed mattresses is very important, because it must fit the bed on all sides. So be sure to measure the bed before buying a mattress. If you buy mattress before cot bed your run the risk of mattress being unfit.

Feel & support

Your baby needs a firm feel. This means that you should provide it with a sufficiently solid surface, and it should not sink into the mattress. Its primary function is to support the whole body. Since the baby sleeps a lot during the first two years of life, the choice of mattress is very important. A soft model is a comfortable option, but it can also lead to overheating and increase the risk of suffocation. So read reviews and find out which mattress has best balance between softness and support.

Machine washable & removable cover

During the first few lives of a child, accidents are almost inevitable. That is why materials that are easy to maintain or machine washable are used. Cot bed mattress can be used for several years which means that over time more and more effusions, stains and even faecal bacteria are deposited. To provide your child with a hygienic sleeping area, you will need to clean it regularly if you do not have a removable cover. Get it on time so that your mattress lasts as long as possible and so that dirt does not accumulate. In some cases, you will get removable cover with mattress and in some cases you don’t.

Hypoallergenic properties

Hypoallergenic mattress prevents the penetration of mites, mould and bacteria. This means that it significantly reduces the chances of developing allergies, which makes it an ideal choice for children, because a clean bed is very important for your child's health. In this case, a springless, all-foam mattress is best, because the foam has a very resistant structure. Of course, any mattress can offer great protection if a suitable cover is placed over it. You must also pay attention to hypoallergenic properties because baby can develop asthma if you fail to buy hypoallergenic mattress and cover.


A child's bed usually gets dirty often and that is why it is always good to think about investing in mattress protection. In this way, all dirt will be removed very quickly and thoroughly, and the mattress will not have to be cleaned. For example, a foam mattress without a waterproof cover can be seen as a large sponge that will only absorb all the liquid and eventually become unusable. It is enough to get the bed dirty like this once for bacteria, mould and fungus to start appearing.