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Ways To Make Your Patio Area Safe For Your Children

Your children don't always know the best practices for keeping themselves safe. Despite all your teachings, it can take them years to understand how to safely interact with their surroundings.

Moreover, kids need to be increasingly older before their parents allow them to play unsupervised outside. Mums and dads are rightly more concerned about their children and the risks to their well-being. There must be no lapses in judgement here.

Still, many risks to a child's health can occur just outside the home in the patio area. Even if you're supervising them, there can also be hazards to contend with, depending on how you've arranged the space.

Some tweaks to the area may be necessary, so your children can be safe. Here are some ways to make your patio area safer for them.

Build Shelter

Even if your kids are sitting still and not getting up to mischief on the patio, their safety could still be at risk in certain situations. Having a shelter built over the patio can ease many of these concerns.

Shelter solutions like verandas and awnings can protect patio areas from the elements, with the former being particularly durable and weather-resistant. Depending on the materials used, some variations can also offer water resistance and UV protection, so your kids shouldn't slip or experience sunburn.

Because of what's at stake here, it's best to hire experienced professionals for the installation. Companies like Nationwide Home Innovations can survey your property and install the latest and greatest awnings and verandas as quickly as possible. They use only the highest quality materials and provide financing options with 0% APR to ensure you can afford these arrangements.

Apply Anti-Slip Measures

Waterproofing the roof of a veranda is a good idea. Of course, liquids can always be spilt in other ways, and wet concrete can be slippery for all but your kids, especially if they're rushing around or uncoordinated in their movements. Non-slip tape can work well on any steps you have in the patio area. It's typically thick and dark, so everyone, including your kids, should be aware of its presence. Apply it to the stairs, or anywhere else slips are most likely to occur. You should also inform your kids about the tape and instruct them not to meddle with it.

If your patio has a concrete floor, you can also work with a contractor to make some safety-related adjustments. They can mix a sealant with grit and coat the floor's surface with it to mitigate the chances of slips. You could go down the DIY approach here, but using a contractor is best to ensure perfect results. An approach like this may require your attention recurrently. Keep an eye on things over time, and also instruct your partner or another responsible adult to do the same.

Install Safe Railings

Railings can make a space feel more secure and controlled. They're a great option if you want to make your patio safer for your kids too. A railing will help your kids avoid falling off the edge if your patio is elevated. If stairs lead into the garden or the house, a railing should help your children safely use them. Moreover, railings can also help to direct the flow of footfall around your patio. Your kids or anyone else will be prevented from rushing around and causing chaos from all directions. The presence of railings can create a sense of orderliness for all to abide by, making your patio safer.

Pay attention to the type of railings you install, or you may inadvertently make the patio less safe. For example, some kids get their heads stuck in railings and need the police or fire crews to get them out. You won't have to worry about this if you install a safer type of railing.

Keep the Patio Well-Lit

Many accidents can be avoided with ample lighting. While adults can usually make do with some dim mood lighting, the patio may need to be illuminated more vividly for the kids to get around safely. You can always wrap lights around verandas, awnings, and railings that you have installed. You can also line others along nearby window frames, doorways, and garden furniture. Some can be triggered by sensors, too, so they'll activate if your kids enter the area unsupervised and forget to flick a switch themselves.

Safety can sometimes be bleak and bland. However, improving the lighting arrangements is a great option for improving children's safety in a patio area because there are also decorative qualities to appreciate. You can create a safe space for your kids to use and a warm and inviting area for them too.

Much like the anti-slip measures, try to keep an eye on how effective your lights are too. Keeping spare batteries on hand is always a good idea, as is checking the conditions of any cables to see if they're intact and working properly. That way, you can be sure that your lights are working as they should.