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Unusual Names for your Newborn Baby Girl

Finding a unique or unusual name for your newborn baby girl may seem like a daunting task. There are a seemingly endless number of names, so it can still be challenging to find one that has rarely been used.

Below, you can find a list of some of the top picks of the most unusual and rare baby girl names;

Arya: Arya Stark was a beloved character on the show Game of Thrones, but you can also spell it Aria, a solo song often found in operas.

Delilah: Of Hebrew origin, this name means to "delight or to flirt".

Annika: If you like the name Ann/Anne but want something more unique, this is the Swedish version that means "grace." 

Yara: Of Arabic origin, meaning "small butterfly". 

Erin: Of Irish origin, this name means "from the island to the west" and is the Gaelic name for Ireland. Eire, the goddess of Ireland, is a more traditional variation of the name.

Isla: The name Isla is Scottish and derived from Islay, an island off Scotland. In Spanish, "isla" translates to "island." 

Oceane: A French name meaning "ocean."

Jael: Of Hebrew origin, this unisex name is especially popular for Capricorns as it means "mountain goat". Jael was also in the Bible as a strong woman who killed Sisera, commander of the Canaanite army, in his sleep.

Cara: This name is sweet and straightforward. In Irish, it means "a friend."

Luisa: Of Italian origin, this classic name means "renowned warrior".

Presley: A unisex name made famous by Elvis Presley, it's also an English name that means "priest's meadow".

Kallie: A variation of 'Kallie' meaning "beautiful" in Greek.

Elena: Of Spanish, Latin and Greek roots, this name means "bright shining light".

Frida: An artsy name bringing to mind the famous painter Fida Kahlo.

Vida: Of Spanish origin, meaning "Life".

Lulu: Of Arabic origin and means "pearl."

Alma: Popular in the late 1800s means "nurturing" and is also Spanish for "soul."

Ever: A unisex name that sounds and feels timeless because it means "always and eternal".

Minnie: A popular vintage name in the 1880s, meaning "of the mind, intellect".

Juno: Of Latin origin, meaning "queen of the heavens". Juno was the protector of marriage and women and patron goddess of Rome.

Danica: Of Slavic origin, meaning "morning star".

Mona: Of Irish origin, meaning "noble good", it also brings to mind da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

Sloane: Of Irish origin, meaning "raider".

Lyric: A musical name based on the Greek word meaning "lyre".

Indigo: A deep blue-purple colour meaning "Indian dye" in Greek.

Radix: Meaning "root" in Latin, or this name could also come from the Slavic name "rad", which means "happy and willing".

Harmony: Of Greek origin, meaning "unity" or "blended".

Adora: Of Latin origin, it means "adored" and so unusual that it doesn't make it into the top 1000 baby names.

Dakota: Of Native American origin, meaning "friendly one".

Lucia: Of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning "light".

Avery: This name has a mythical meaning, "ruler of elves".

Maeve: Of Irish origin, meaning "bringer of great joy" or "enchanting one".

Violet: Referring to both the flower of the same name and the purplish colour.

Lola: Meaning "lady of sorrows" in Spanish.

Zada: Of Arabic origin, meaning "fortunate, prosperous". 

Natalia: Of Russian origin, meaning "birthday of the Lord", perfect for a baby born around Christmas. 

Clara: Of Latin origin and meaning "bright, clear".

Adelaide: From the Germanic name Adalheidis meaning "noble natured".

Stella: Of Latin origin, meaning "star".

Liana: A French name meaning "to climb like a vine".

Enya: The Anglicised version of the Irish name Eithne, meaning "fire" this name would be perfect for an Aries baby!

Zadie: This Hebrew name means "princess".

Athena: Of Greek origin, meaning "goddess of wisdom and war".

Story: Hugely unique this name is perfect for the daughter of a creative type or a literary lover.

Verity: Of Latin origin, meaning "truth". 

Zara: Of Arabic origin, meaning "blossoming flower, splendour, dawn".

Florence: A Latin girl's name that means "flourishing and prosperous".

Bella: Of Italian origin, meaning "beautiful".

Zahara: Of Swahili origin, meaning "flower" and "to shine".

Darya: Of Russian and Persian origin, meaning "the sea". 

Sansa: Of Sanskrit origin, meaning "praise, charm".

Audrey: Meaning "noble strength" and perfect for the daughter of any Audrey Hepburn fans. 

Coco: An abbreviation of Socorro meaning "help" in Spanish. 

Iris: A flower name meaning "rainbow".

Margot: A French name meaning "pearl", you can also use the alternative spelling Margo

Blythe: Means "happy, carefree".