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Unique and Fun Products to for Little Ones: Shop About Spring 2018

There are great products coming out all the time for bumps, babies and toddlers. Here’s our run down of some of the best things available on the market today:

Bubba Counting BookBubba Counting Bath Book - £5.99

1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea is a great little bath book from Water Babies that will entertain and educate 0 - 2 year olds at bath time as they help Bubba count his friends and make different animal noises. It's a lovely and simple book to help babies and toddlers at the beginning of their reading and counting journey with simple counting and early phonics. Call 01295 709221 and quote 'Toddle About' for free postage. www.waterbabies.co.uk/shop/


TOTSUP Reward Chart and AppTOTSUP Big Red Bus Reward Chart and App - £22.95

The award winning red bus reward chart is making parenting a little bit easier! Perfect for potty training, better bedtimes, tantrum and fussy eating, an incredible 92% of parents who have used it has positively impacted on their child's behaviour. Order from www.totsup.co.uk

Colief Breath Easy PatchBreath Easy Patch - £5.99

Colief's new Breath Easy Patch is a gentle and soothing decongestant patch, which can be attached to sleepwear or bedding, providing a quiet night's sleep for children ages 3+ suffering from a blocked nose. This disposable patch contains a comforting, natural blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and rosemary oils to ease the discomfort of colds. It is a calming remedy to children's discomfort and won't aggravate their skin. www.superdrug.com      

Solar BuddiesSolar Buddies - £8.99

The Solar Buddies applicator is an applicator that children can use to apply their sunscreen themselves. It is refillable so you can use the sunscreen of your choice. The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier for children to grip; with it's sponge and rollerball partnership, it allows for easy coverage with less mess and no waste due to its controlled flow. Order from www.solarbuddies.co.uk/shop

AmnioSenseAmnioSense™ - Tester Liners - £29.99

When pregnant, leaking amniotic fluid can increase the risk of infection to both mother and baby and early detection can help prevent complications. AmnioSense™ is a unique detector strip, contained in a panty liner, that can tell you if a fluid leak is amniotic fluid or urine. The result remains stable for around 2 hours allowing time to consult a midwife or doctor. Order from www.amniosense.co.uk    

CrabbkinsLittle Swan  Princess Shirt & Frilly Bloomers - £39.90

These beautiful, luxurious and silky soft Peruvian Pima Cotton frilly bloomers and peter pan collared shirt look gorgeous with the Crabbkins exclusive Little Swan design. Unrivalled for its silky softness, durability and breathability, Pima cotton make these items perfect for sensitive skin. But from www.crabbkins.uk      

SwimFinThe SwimFin - £22.99

Coming in 8 fintastic colours, the SwimFin is perfect for taking on holiday. Not only does it look great, but the fin is highly visible in a busy pool or on the beach so you won't lose sight of your child. Plus it's super safe - it doesn't slip or tip, giving valuable peace of mind. SwimFin work very closely with the RLSS UK on drowning prevention, and are passionate about water safety. Order from www.swimfin.co.uk

Ellie Mai Toy BoxesEllie Mai Toy Boxes - from £140

If you're wondering where on Earth you are going to store all your child's toys, then Ellie Mai Toy Boxes could be the stylish and practical solution you need. Each toy box is handcrafted and personalised with your choice of colours, embossed lettering and starts or hearts. They are big (45cm x 81cm x 47cm) but safe - soft close safety hinges are fitted to protect little fingers and they have carry handles for easy lifting. Order from elliemaitoyboxes or 07368 313314