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Unique Products for Little Ones Summer 2024

There are amazing products coming out all the time for bumps, babies and toddlers. Here’s our run down of some of the best things available on the market today:

ABC & Number Flashcard Set FLASHCARD SET, £19.99

These innovative flashcards from Little Letterbox Learning are designed to promote engaging hands-on learning for children of all abilities. With a focus on multi-sensory learning to help your child reach their full potential. Packed with fun facts and child-friendly illustrations, they’re the perfect way to start a long-lasting love for learning.

Available from www.littleletterboxlearning.co.uk


Bling2O Goggles, From £19.99

Add some bling to your swim with the Bling2o collection of truly epic swimming goggles and swim accessories. Suitable for ages 3+, they are the must-have accessory for everyone, even adults. The 100% silicone designs are latex and lead free, with anti-fog resistant lenses that also provide maximum UV protection – making them functional as they are fun.

Available from www.bling2o.co.uk


Spoutless Training Rim Cup, £19.99

This training cup from b.box is perfect for toddlers aged 12 months+, promoting independent sipping. With clear sides for visual learning, it minimalises spills. Featuring an innovative lid for controlled flow and a versatile base for various lids, it adapts to growing needs. Dishwasher safe and free from harmful chemicals, it is available in 4 colours.

Available from Amazon


Maped Travel Board, £17.63

This travel board from Maped will occupy your little ones wherever they are. The compact case is perfect for travelling, with a convenient carry handle. Place activity sheets behind the transparent board to complete the activities and pictures. The plastic shockproof board flexes and doesn’t break. Marks made by the 4 markers rub out without a trace.

Available from Amazon


Bunch O Balloons Octopus Splash Pad, £16.99

Young children can chill out with the 1.6m Octopus Splash Pad that gets kids learning while playing - this friendly sea creature includes eight numbered tentacles along with 3 x Bunch O Balloons Stems (+100 rapid filling, self-sealing balloons) and a circular sprinkler system which is activated once attached to a hose. A great way for little ones to have some fun-filled soaking on a hot summer’s day!

Available from Amazon


Anti-roll Baby Changing Mat, £35

The Turning Tot, portable anti-roll baby changing mat for ages 6 months-2 years, will make nightmare nappy changes a thing of the past. This comfortably padded mat with a hidden bamboo insert and its adjustable tactile fabric bodice, helps prevent even the most determined of tots from turning. Throw in its ability to be either rolled or folded, it is the ultimate travel companion.

Available from  www.theturningtot.com


WHIZZER™ Compact Eco-Toilet, £19.99

Deemed a game changer for family life beyond potty-training, the Whizzer is a multi award-winning silicon made saviour with kids and adult sizes available to save stress on all your summer adventures! A perfect product for taking with you for summer festivals, last minute days out, travel and more.


Available from www.kiddiwhizz.com