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Top Tips on travelling safely with kids in a heat wave

As temperatures soar across the country this week, here are some important tips to keep in mind when travelling with children.
A child should never be left unattended in the car, even if it is for a brief stop to do some shopping or get an ice cream.  Temperatures can rise by approximately 3˚˚˚˚°C within 10 minutes and by more than 10°C within 30 minutes.  Children are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses; therefore, it is extremely dangerous to leave your child (as well as any pet!) unattended in the car on a warm day.
Planning ahead can help keep car seats cool and provide a more comfortable ride.  If you are parking the car in the sun whilst out on day trip to the beach, use a light coloured blanket and drape it over the car seat.  This will help prevent the seats from heating up and will provide a more pleasant journey once you have returned to the car. 
Scandinavian brands BeSafe and Voksi are dedicated to creating the safest travel solutions for children around the world.   They are passionate about encouraging families to go on adventures, and want to enable them to travel with ease, with the knowledge their children are safely secure in the car. 
10 top tips on how to keep kids comfortable in the car on a hot day
  1. Put your children in light weight clothes for travelling.
  2. Make sure each child has a drink for the journey.
  3. Check on your children regularly and take them out of the car as often as you can – remember babies should only be in a car seat for a maximum of two hours at a time.
  4. Choose a baby car seat with a low reaching sun canopy and high SPF.
  5. Use click-on sun canopies for toddler seats to protect them from sun exposure.
  6. Cover the side windows with sunshades to prevent the strong glare from the sun.
  7. Before putting your child in the car double check the buckles and straps are not too hot, as these can heat up quickly.
  8. Point rear air conditioning vents towards your child.
  9. Pick a light colour when choosing a child’s car seat or use a light coloured car seat cover. 
  10. Use a liner in your car seat that will promote airflow – like the VOKSI Airflow liner below.

The perfect product to keep babies and young children cool in their car seat.  This breathable 3D mesh liner has a moisture absorbent and quick drying top layer, which will provide a comfortable and cool ride for kids.  For 0-4 year olds and fits most car seats on the market.  Oeko-Tex® Class 1.
For more information about BeSafe and to view the whole collection, visit
For further information on the VOKSI Airflow liner visit