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Top Tips for Decorating Your Child's Nursery

A new baby is an exciting addition to any family, so whether you’ve recently found out you're pregnant and aren’t sure yet what the gender of your baby is, or you’re a bit further along and already know what you’re having, then you might be excitedly saving ideas to your Pinterest boards and planning the decoration any day now.

However, before you get ahead of yourself and start spending a fortune on things that might need to be changed in a couple of years, we’ve put together our top tips for decorating your child’s nursery.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Storage

Babies might be tiny, but they sure need a lot of stuff - especially in those early days it can seem like there aren’t enough vests or onesies in the world for them. Babies make a mess and need to be changed a lot, so you’ll go through many of these things in the first weeks and months.

One thing you’ll need is plenty of storage to keep all the vests, nappies, and general baby supplies that they need.

Whether it’s storage you already have that’s built-in or you prefer to buy extra storage, this is something you can never have enough of. It’s also good to get into the habit of ensuring everything has its place, and storage boxes and baskets are great for helping with this and staying organised.

Stick to Neutrals

When planning your baby’s room, it can be tempting to go all out and start decorating in a theme that suits a boy or girl. Still, when it comes to a baby’s room, especially for small nursery ideas, it’s actually better to stick to neutral colours on the walls and with furniture and just add some accessories around the room that are personal to them.

This is because, as they grow, they’ll likely be in the same room, and a 4-year-old will have developed a sense of what they like and won’t be thrilled about baby colours everywhere, so it’s best to save yourself the time and money from having to redecorate every few years.

If you’re doing the painting and decorating yourself, then it’s also a lot easier to use things like spray guns for painting when you’re sticking to neutral colours.

Keep Essential Items Close to The Changing Table

One of the most used and essential items in your baby’s nursery will be the changing table, and since it’s not safe to leave a baby on the changing table, even for a split second, you should make sure that everything you’ll need for changing them is already close by. This is, again, where good storage is essential, and using things like boxes, baskets, and even shelves is great for keeping things organised and nearby for when you need them.

Think of Ways to Block Out Excess Noise and Light

Babies aren’t exactly known for their great sleeping schedules, and they can be easily disturbed by lots of excess light and noise, so if you’re able, then it’s a good idea to make the nursery a room that isn’t overly noisy, for example, one that’s facing the main road.

Of course, this isn’t always possible, depending on the layout of your home, so you just have to work with what you have. If you think the baby’s room will be too noisy, then you can keep windows closed when they’re sleeping and bring in white noise machines to distract them. 

For blocking out light, blackout blinds and curtains are ideal for a nursery.

We hope that this post has been helpful in giving you some ideas for the best ways to decorate your child’s nursery in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune and leaves you having you decorate every few years while also still injecting some personality and character into your choices of decor for them, and something they’ll enjoy as they grow.

It can be easy to get sucked into thinking that babies need the latest designer bedding and fancy toys, but in reality, they only need lots of love, a warm place to sleep, and the essentials to keep them well-fed and looked after so it’s important to not to allow yourself to get stressed out when taking on this project, and instead focus on spending the time enjoying your little one.