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Tips for Highchair Feeding

If your baby has reached the point of weaning or is able to sit up and support themselves by eating, it might be time to move them into a highchair which is very exciting.

If you are new to this feeding adventure, you might be wondering if there are any tricks of the trade you can use to help you and your baby’s first highchair experience, and if you are, you are in the right place.

This piece will discuss some tips for highchair feeding to help everything go as smoothly as possible.

Invest in a Comfortable Highchair

You want a highchair to be practical, yes, but you also want it to be comfortable, or you might have a very upset baby on your hands. There are lots of different kinds on the market, so there should be more than a few to suit your budget and preferences. Think about what features are important to you, and then start there. Portable options might be important to you if you travel frequently, and you should also consider tray size, heights of the highchairs, if they are adjustable, and how comfortable the actual seat is. It is also worth considering how easy a highchair will be to clean, too, as the easier, the better in many cases.

Have Food Prepared Before They Are Seated

Having food ready to go means that they know exactly what they are there for when they are sitting in their highchair. They are also far less likely to get grumpy, feeling trapped and waiting if you have popped them there while you are preparing their tea. Have it ready to be put in front of them so they can focus on the food straight away, which will leave much less time for tantrums or boredom. Be sure to only serve food that has been cut up already into manageable chunks so they can eat easily. If you want to make your life a little more easier, then grab yourself a highchair feeding bib from Bibado to help with the tidy up after, and keep your baby’s clothes clean.

Ensure Safety

It is important that your baby is strapped in properly, has room to move around comfortably, but not enough that they can slip out of the highchair and become injured.

Be sure to always check the seatbelts or harnesses that come with the highchair, and make sure to keep any utensils or anything they might want to use within reaching distance. This will stop them from struggling to reach things that could cause them to slip or become stuck in the chair.

Use a Wipe Clean Tablecloth on the Floor

Another little tip for highchair feeding includes popping down a wipe clean tablecloth used as a rug underneath the highchair or a splash mat. As long as the chair is still sturdy, this is great for catching food that has been dropped or thrown and protects your carpet at the same time. You can easily wipe it clean and then store it for the next feeding time.