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Three Top Tips for New Parents

It is usually an extremely exciting and overwhelming experience when you know that you are going to become a new parent. You then have the months moving on until the day actually happens when a new-born child comes into the world. This can be a time of mixed emotions with parents both excited but anxious about the months and years ahead. Especially in today’s era where the world is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and there is economic instability across the UK not helped by rising inflation and cost of living. There is however help and support out there for all parent and below are three from us.

Separated Parents

It is an unfortunate truth that many couples will not stay together which obviously has a massive effect on the child. This is becoming more common but there is support and systems in place to support this eventuality. The child is clearly the responsibility of both parents in a financial and caring prospective and it is important that both parents recognise that from the offset. Unfortunately, some mothers or fathers may have to gain some child custody advice in order get access to their child. If there are disagreements about this between both parents, it is important that this sort of advice is sought to make sure that a fair agreement is put in place as collaborative as possible. In fighting between the parents will have a direct effect on the child and although it seems an exceedingly difficult pill to swallow, the child’s needs have to be the number one priority throughout all of these discussions. Some of these cases may even end up in a court in order for a judge to make a judgement in terms of access rights, parental responsibilities, and the financials around this. Your children are the most important thing to you and therefore deserve as peaceful transition into adulthood as possible.

Parental Leave

With it now being 2022, the government and companies are recognising increasingly the responsibility of both parents in bringing up a new child. This is why there is both leave granted for the mother and father of the child. This is a legal requirement and parents will receive paid time off work in these instances. Some companies go beyond and will extend this period off with pay for a much longer time than the legal requirements. Traditionally the women would be allowed longer time off work to take care of the child however this can now be changed to the father depending on the specific circumstances within that family. Make sure you go online to the government websites to get advice on this but if working, also ask to see the HR policies around this.

Look after your own Health and Wellbeing

Being caught up in the excitement can be stressful and looking after a new-born child is no easy task. This can take a toll on parent own health and wellbeing and can come as a surprise. It is important to recognise in advance that this is normal, and it is wise to talk about it and look for solutions to ensure you get some time for yourself, but you also have the support of others (friends and family) around you. If this gets too tuff, then speak to a professional (like a GP) as it is important that you do not head for a breakdown or similar due to these issues. There is a lot of good parenting groups you could become aligned to where parents in similar positions will be there, and you can share experience and advice between you.