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5 Themes for a Children’s Birthday Party

Their birthday has come around again and you’re reminiscing about how small they once were. Your child is another year older and it’s lovely to celebrate that milestone with friends and family. There’s lots to organise for a birthday party, especially when your guests are children. You will need to think about the theme, what you will do to keep them occupied and food. If you’re stuck for choice, we have a list of the 5 most popular themes for children’s birthday parties to give you some inspiration.

This post is in collaboration with a pre prep school in North London.

Superhero Swim


If your child and their friends enjoy swimming, why not use it as the basis for their party? All you will need is a paddling pool or a swimming pool to rent for a few hours and some swimming gear - goggles, swimwear, and clothes to change into.

A Superhero Theme

If you’re really not sure, a superhero themed party is a safe option. Your guests can come as whatever superhero they like which gets them involved too. This theme’s also quite easy to shop for too despite being so ambiguous. There’s not much looking that you will have to do for children’s superhero themed party decorations and goody bags etc. 

Soft Play

Soft play centres are an example of another type of venue that children’s birthday parties can be held at. Sometimes catering is even provided so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. Your little one and their friend will be bound to enjoy themselves. They will have lots to explore and you can let them roam free as it is a child friendly environment and one that promotes development.


You can also prompt your guests to come as their favourite Disney characters if they’re not really a fan of superheroes. It’s another universal theme that works well and gets everyone involved.

Arts and Crafts

Regardless of what they're into, we know that your child and their friends will love an arts and crafts themed party. All you will need are craft supplies, perhaps some colouring print outs and you can leave them to their own devices. As an activity, you can get them to make their own party crowns and accessories for their outfit.

We hope that this post gave you some inspiration, for more helpful parenting resources like this take a look at our other posts.

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