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The Top Places for Families to Live in London

Everyone has fantasised about living in London at some point in their lives – unless, of course, you are one of the near-9-million people that already call it home, in which case you have little need for such exercises. For the rest of us, though, there is an undeniable pull to the capital.

Whether that pull is generated by the promise of career growth, cultural experiences like no other, or simply the opportunity to drink in one of the best cities in Europe, you may have started furtively looking at opportunities to take your family to the Big Smoke. Of course, the big question here is how you decide on where to live, without actively living in the capital before. This brief guide exists to give you some helpful pointers, and put you on your way to finding the perfect family home in London.


Richmond is a thoroughly Thames-adjacent district, tucked in the southern crook of the Thames’ southerly bend on the west-hand side. With the much less inspiring towns of Twickenham and Brentford as neighbours, Richmond already has a great deal going for it.

As for family living in particular, Richmond is a phenomenal choice. It has both Richmond Park and Kew Gardens for green spaces, making it a breath of fresh air against other less spacious London boroughs. Richmond’s crime rate has also come down significantly against other areas, making it a safe and comfortable place to introduce your children.


Greenwich is south-central London through and through, marrying the on-your-doorstep-ness of the centre with the suburban quietude of Zone 4 – in the right places, of course. Greenwich Park and the Maritime Museum are major tourist draws, but the congregation of amenities and handy rail connections make it an excellent place to consider moving your family.


Yet again on the southern banks of the Thames, we have Battersea – a borough given national recognition by its old power station and its titular dog’s home. There’s more here than meets the untrained eye, though – again, a sizeable park for walking, playing and otherwise hanging out with your family, but also wonderful schools and even more wonderful culture. The pubs aren’t half bad, either…


Fulham is an area of London perhaps better known to football fans, given the cult status of Stamford Bridge and the fanaticism with which the team are supported… Fulham also happens to be a fantastic area to settle with your family, though there may be misgivings if you aren’t a footballing household through and through. The properties in Fulham are a little steep, but are practically guaranteed to increase in value; being on the north bank of the Thames, too, Fulham enjoys great links to the centre and beyond.


Finally, we come to Kensington. This may be something of a pipe-dream location for the relocating family, given the infamous market values that many Kensington properties possess. The transport links are impossible to beat for the fast-travelling workers in the family, and borough’s schools are, in a word, ideal. If you can afford the price of entry, you’ll never want to leave.