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Who says standing isn't fun! The benefits of paddle boarding

Guest blog written by Jenny McArdle at SUP den

Family life can be very busy and tiring and trying to plan/find time to think of fun activities, which are suitable for everyone, can be hard work. After three national lockdowns now more than ever we all realise the importance of getting outside and staying fit and healthy!

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP'ing for short is not just about fitness, it is about so much more! As you read on you will learn more about all the benefits of SUP and why it is the best activity for all the family!

Stand Up Paddle boarding has been around for centuries. It started in the Polynesian islands and has since made its way around the world. Interest in paddle boarding has soared in recent years and during the summer of 2020 (after lockdown had eased) board sales rose dramatically.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be getting harder by the day. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to attend tortuous gym classes after a busy day. However, stand up paddle boarding has proven that exercising can be fun again.

The idea is for more people to be able to get out into the environment, connect with the water and be closer to nature all year round, not just on holiday. SUP is highly recommended for improved core fitness and emotional wellbeing. It can be simply for fun or just relaxing on the water.

You can make it as intense or gentle as you like, by ensuring your always on the move, your circulation of course speeds up, making SUP a routine that will see your cardio fitness improve. As you increase your work rate, racing friends or introducing 'HITT' style techniques as part of your session, will really get the heart rate up. Which translates to lower chances of suffering diseases, joint problems, heart attack and strokes and makes you stronger to fighting off viruses. Who wouldn't want that?

Needless to say, the more calories a sport burns, the more popular it becomes. So it is no reason why since 2013 SUP boarding has become the fastest growing sport. Most other activities have nothing on SUP boarding when it comes to burning calories.

For instance, an easy paddle burns double the amount of calories than a brisk walk. In a single hour you're going to burn 300-500 calories.

We are now more than ever trying to de-stress ourselves for the sake of you and our loved ones whether you want some downtime between school runs, meet new people, weekend fun for the whole family or a new workout routine read on to find out why SUP is a great for everyone!

What better way than to be outdoors connecting with the water and the environment, the perfect way for relational effect on the human body and mind! As you paddle out onto the water, find a rhythm and inhale fresh air, you will feel your stress releasing its grip on you.

Combined that with the beautiful scenery, you will be soothed and stimulate your brain to produce endorphins and serotonin - which are responsible for making you happy. The next time you find life starting to overwhelm you, get on your paddle board.

To make it more beneficial and fun let your friends or family join you or even have a SUP race!

Paddle boards can be used in different types of water conditions and include specialist boards which are thicker, bigger and more stable, here's one for you, how about even trying a yoga or Pilates session on a board or even taking more than one person like your children or your dog who can also reap the benefits of paddle boarding, check out www.supden.co.uk

Paddle boarding is winning so many new followers. It is easy to master the technique and once you do it gives you a new perspective on life. You are so close to nature that you feel mindful and ‘wellness’ seems to follow. It puts you into the moment and has enormous benefits especially for those who need a better balance between work and life.

Paddle boarding is one of the best ways to relax and exercise on the peaceful water whether on your own or with friends and family. Lots of people have formed new friendships through SUP it has become a massive social experience to learn something new and fun together which makes you feel good. So whether you are after some family fun, meeting new people or trying something new SUP boarding is definitely for you! Most SUPS are inflatable and therefore easy to transport in a bag in the car boot so there is no excuse not to just get on board and have a go!


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