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Summer Safety Tips by Celebrity Recommended Franchise, Daisy First Aid

Paediatric first aid specialists Daisy First Aid have put together some summer safety tips:

Bee and Wasp Stings

  • A bee will usually leave behind a stinger attached to a venom sac. Remove it quickly using a scraping motion, a hard edged card like a debit card is perfect for removing the sting. Wasps don’t leave their stingers which means they can sting again.

  • Clean the area with soap and water.

  • Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth or wet cloth for a few minutes.

  • Age appropriate antihistamine will help with pain and itching, you can also apply calamine lotion.

Call 999 if they show signs of anaphylaxis, symptoms include swelling of mouth, tongue and airway, which needs to be treated immediately.

Sun Safety

  • Apply a high SPF sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply during the day and after swimming.
  • Dress your children in protective hats and clothes ideally with sun protection. Try and keep them out of direct sunlight between 10am-4pm.

  • Remember to protect their eyes choose sunglasses with UVA & UVB protection.

  • You can still sunburn on a cloudy day, so always protect them.


A dehydrated child can appear to be naughty/frustrated on first glance.

Symptoms of dehydration in children include:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dark yellow and strong smelling urine
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Feeling tired or irritable
  • Dry mouth, lips and eyes

Your child may not be able to explain or understand how they are feeling and this can come across as naughtiness or frustration.

If your child shows any dehydration symptoms, give regular small sips and allow them to gradually drink more if they can.


  • Give your child frequent water breaks and spray down children with a spray bottle.

  • Half fill a water bottle and put in the freezer, then fill the rest with cold water to keep cool during the day when out and about. Add slices of fruit to add variety.

Swimming Safety

  • Always supervise young children near water, this is not a time to be distracted by your phone!

  • Even if a pool has a lifeguard, know where your children are and what they are doing.

  • Give your children water confidence by taking swimming lessons.

  • Have swimming rules for children like, never swim alone, jump in feet first and check depth, do not push others and let them know where to get help in an emergency.

Nose Bleeds

Hot summers can cause the delicate lining inside the nose to turn dry due to low humidity, resulting in nose-bleeds. Hayfever also tends to increase during the summer, due to the heat and high pollen levels, and is known to cause more nose-bleeds.

  • To stop a nosebleed, sit the child down, lean them forward slightly and get them to breathe through their mouth.

  • Pinch their nose constantly, just above their nostrils for 10 minutes. Repeat this again if bleeding hasn’t stopped


Daisy First Aid was founded in 2014 by former police officer Jenni Dunman, who experienced a vast number of first aid emergencies during her time in the force. In just four years Jenni has grown her business into a multi award-winning company (with franchises across the UK) and is a leading paediatric first aid expert in the UK. She dedicates a great deal of time volunteering at national charity events and has a huge celebrity client portfolio including Russell Brand, Christine Lampard and Rochelle and Marvin Humes.