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Stylish Doesn’t Have To Mean Uncomfortable! Here’s How to Style Your Growing Baby Bump

Congratulations! Having a baby on the way is a thrilling experience, so make every second count. The early stages of pregnancy, when your beloved bump first starts to show, can be most overwhelming, especially when you realise that none of your clothes fit anymore, and your style will probably need to change.

There are various factors that can determine the size of your bump, such as amniotic fluid volume and any change in the baby’s position, so it’s important not to compare yourself to other expectant mothers. If you’re in regular contact with your GP and/or midwife and they say that you and your baby are doing well, that’s all that matters.

In the meantime, we want to help you feel empowered and embrace this incredible milestone, which is why we’ve put together some simple ways to dress and style your gorgeous baby bump, regardless of size. Stylish doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable!

The next time you go shopping in preparation for your little one – buying toys, baby changing bags, and furniture – be sure to treat yourself to a few new maternity bits based on our guidance here.

Maternity tops

In your second trimester especially, maternity tops will become your best friend. Even if you don’t feel your bump is big enough to warrant a maternity tee just yet, they’re still a much better option for you over regular tees. Typically, maternity tops are longer, stretchier, and have additional fabric to accommodate your growing baby.

While normal tops could make you look bloated or shapeless, maternity tops will highlight your bump in a flattering way. Pair your comfy maternity top with a nice skirt or jeans – whatever you’re comfortable in – and some of your favourite accessories, and you'll look enviably stylish.


Maternity jeggings can be a stylish staple of your maternity wardrobe if you pair them with the right top and accessories. Although, once you feel how comfortable they are to wear and how kind to your growing bump they are, we suspect you won’t even care...

You will gain weight as your baby grows, and that’s a fact you cannot hide from. You’re going to want comfortable, stretchy bottoms that don’t put too much pressure on your stomach or thighs. Jeggings are the best gift you’ll ever give to yourself!

Flowy dresses

Fill your wardrobe with flowy dresses and feel like the epitome of beauty and femininity during your pregnancy. Not only are they a gorgeous garment that will reconnect you with your ‘girly’ side, but they’re also extremely comfortable.

Flowy dresses, such as maxi dresses and boho dresses, are bump-friendly because the skirt section of the piece simply drapes over your bump – no squeezing, cinching, or gripping.

It’s unlikely that your body will snap back to its original shape and size as soon as your baby is born, so you may lean on maternity dresses post-pregnancy, at least for a few months. Alternatively, try picking loose dresses in a size or two higher than your usual in order to give your body some space to recover.


Unfortunately, you’re more than likely going to have to say buh-bye to your favourite heels, at least during your pregnancy. It’s not safe to wear this type of shoe because, as your unborn baby continues to develop, your ligaments will loosen and your sense of gravity will shifts, meaning falling over is much more likely.

There are many forms of fashionable footwear beyond heels, so it’s not all bad news! Pumps, sandals with thick soles, and running shoes (don’t worry, nobody expects you to run anywhere) can all be fashionable solutions while offering the utmost comfort for your feet.

Happy shopping!

As discussed, being pregnant doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your fashion sense. Of course, during these crucial months, your comfort will precede all else, but you can still look stylish at the same time.