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Snack Saving Tips for Parents

Written by Priti Joseph, Child Nutrition Coach and founder of a Little Big Kid

Have you ever counted how often your little one says 'I'm hungry'? Some days it can feel like it's constant and sometimes even 30 minutes after they have polished off a meal.

Snacking for children is not the same as adults. For children, snacks are a vital part of their growth and development. Children's smaller stomachs mean that the traditional three meals a day is not enough to keep them full or provide all the nutrients they need. 2-3 snacks a day helps to plug this gap.

In the current economic climate, with the cost of living rising and food bills growing, providing six 'meals' a day can be challenging. Here are some tips to help save snacking costs:

1. Plan Ahead 

Meal prepping, batch cooking and only buying what you need for the week is proven to save money. Do the same with snacks.

2. Bulk Buy 

Buying big usually means savings in the long run. The key is to portion this out for the day/week and then put the rest out of sight.

3. Choose Nutritional Options 

Healthy snacks like fruit and veg, those with no/low added sugar and high in protein keep kids fuller for longer.

4. Use Leftovers 

Leftovers from meals can be great turned into smoothies, soups or salads. Also freeze into smaller tubs/pouches for another day.

5. Have Snacks on Hand 

Whether you are doing the nursery/school run or seeing friends taking snacks with you saves rushed expensive purchases.

Also did you know that 1 in 3 children live in food poverty? St Mark's Meals is a great charity who provide meal kits to schools to help make sure 'no child goes to bed hungry'. You can support them directly with donations or when subscribing to a Little Big Kid snack box, a donation is made through the Snacks = Meals initiative.

Keep snacking & saving.