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Review: Dinosaur Maxi Hama Beads Set, worth £10.00

Dinosaur Maxi Hama Beads SetReview written by Lorraine at Toddle About HQ. With having an almost 18 year old daughter who was a big lover of Hama Beads when she was younger, I was looking forward to the stage where my son was old enough to enjoy them, which is why I was very excited to hear about the new Maxi Hama Beads range that have been designed specifically for Toddlers. The lovely Nicola, who runs was kind enough to send us a sample of one of the Maxi Beads Sets for us to take a look at and so I took it home for my little boy to have a try and he absolutely loved it, especially as he could make his own Dinosuar. The Maxi Beads worked out perfectly for him with them being larger than the standard Mini Hama Beads meaning that he was able to pick them up, hold and position them easily and on his own and another great thing about it, was because the set came with a template of the dinosaur to put underneath the peg board he was able to follow this knowing where to put which colour, however, as soon as his big sister walked into the room and saw what he was doing she wanted to get in on the action as well which was lovely to see them both enjoying something together, which brings me to say, you are never to old for Hama Beads :)

To find out more about Hama Beads and the wonderful range of sets that they have to offer, please visit, I already have my eyes on some of the sets for Christmas present ideas and they are all very reasonably price. Nicola has been very kind and provided us with a code for all of our readers where they can get 10% Off Orders, all you need to do is enter TA2019 at the checkout and another bonus is you can also get free delivery on orders over £20.