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App Sends Alerts to Parents encouraging them not to miss Immunisations

Child Health App, Nurturey, has tripled the level of support it is providing to parents during this pandemic by sending out vaccine guidance from trusted sources including the NHS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other medical providers, as alerts through the app. In addition, Nurturey is reminding parents that sticking to the vaccination schedule, even though they understandably feel worried, will help avoid outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases.

The message from Public Health England is ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Vaccinating’, but for some parents the thought of taking their child to the GP surgery during the Coronavirus outbreak feels scary and this is leading to some parents missing routine vaccinations.

Sesh Naidoo, mum of one (soon to be mum of two), said: “I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second baby. When I had my first baby, I really struggled with mental fatigue and I remember walking all the way to the children’s centre a few times and completely forgetting my son’s red book. I don’t think I ever forgot to take my phone though! Being able to track my children's health information on my phone and share this with my husband will not only help me in my second pregnancy but also give me the confidence I could have had the first time round.”

45,000 parents have signed up to the app so far, and the team is hoping that the guidance and alerts being sent out now to parents will lead to fewer parents skipping immunisations and help protect children from many illnesses, including measles; WHO suggests 117 million children across the world could be missing out on measles jabs due to the CV-19 outbreak, something that Nurturey is doing its part to address.

Tushar Srivastava, founder of Nurturey, says: “We will continue to provide relevant and timely immunisation information to parents throughout lockdown and beyond, because we know that parents find it reassuring to have a high level of medical information at their fingertips, without having to search for it online.”

In addition to receiving specific immunisation information, parents can also record their child’s weight, height and other significant milestones like first time walking, and first tooth through the digital redbook, Nurturey. Parents currently using the app are using it to record important child health information instead of the physical redbook or Personal Child Health Record that is still given to parents soon after their baby is born, but is planned to be discontinued in favour of intuitive digital red book.

Parents who think they would benefit from receiving immunisation alerts during CV-19, can download the Nurturey app on the App Store, or at