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Do you read to your child every night? [10 Second Poll]

mother reading to child Is it true that only 19% of parents read to their children every night? Help us find out![/caption] This week, Alton Towers Resort revealed new study results showing that 'only one in five parents are reading to their children every night before bedtime'. REALLY?! I thought as I read this... Surely more than 1 in 5 parents read to their children every night? They've described the results as staggering... and they certainly sound it. But then I started thinking... is this just another case of spinning the evidence to make an eye-catching headline? You see, I'm sure the statement is true (from their study results) - but the reality may be a lot less shocking than it sounds. For example... it might still be true that, say, 70% of parents read to their children 5 or 6 nights every week. In other words, most parents might still read to their children most nights, but just not EVERY night. If that was the case, the survey results would be a lot less shocking. And also - how old are the children we are talking about? I couldn't find that stat anywhere in the press release... And the older the child gets, the more likely they are to read their own bedtime story - or not want one from mum and dad. So if older children are included in the survey, again, the statement would be less surprising.


Help us find the TRUTH!

Please take a second to complete the quick survey below, but ONLY if you have children aged 0 - 5 years old. I will share the results with you once we have enough responses to make the results meaningful. So please do share with your friends! Please pick the option that most closely matches a typical week in your house. [polldaddy poll=8669735]