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Pressed Flower Suncatcher Craft

These suncatchers look so pretty on the window! It's a lovely two-part activity, perfect for the summer.

You Will Need:

* Wild Flowers
* Baking Paper
* An old book and something heavy
* Small bowl
* Self-Seal Laminating Sheets
* Scissors
* Pen/Pencil


First - Press your flowers

Find and collect some wildflowers. Fallen flowers are ideal, though the grassy areas around playgrounds often have lots of wildflowers that you can pick (as they would normally be mown with the grass).

Press the flowers between baking paper in a book until dry. Place something heavy on top of the book to press down.

2-4 weeks later

1. Draw round the bowl to create 2 circles on a self-seal laminating sheet.

2. Add the pressed flowers to the sticky side of the self-seal laminating sheet.

3. Add another self-seal laminating sheet on top. Press together firmly to seal the two sheets.

4. Cut out the suncatchers. Cut slightly inside the drawn line so it doesn’t show.

5. Stick to your window with some tape, or hang using string.

Craft courtesy of Kim McLeod, creator of kid's craft and activity website, The Best Ideas for Kids®. Cut & Colour Crafts for Kids' is available now on Amazon.