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Christmas Craft: Pom Pom and Pinecones

Pom Pom PineconesThese Pom Pom Pinecones are super easy and they look amazing! Here's what you'll need: * Pinecones * Tiny Pom Poms (multicoloured or single coloured) * String or Ribon * Hot glue gun/PVA Instructions: 1) Start by adding a small glob of hot glue/PVA to the underside of the pinecone "branches". Then stick a tiny pom pom onto the dab of glue. Repeat for all the pinecone tips. The little pom poms look just like ornaments hanging from a tree! 2) Then take about 30cm of string or ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the pinecone. 3) Clean the pinecones up by peeling away any glue strands. These are really simple to make and look great!

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