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Planning a Second Pregnancy: Is It Easier With The Second Child?

The first pregnancy and childbirth are special for a woman: she has a lot of theoretical knowledge, but no practice. The second pregnancy and childbirth are already much calmer. A woman knows what to expect, what to be ready for. But this does not mean that it will be the same as the first one. Every pregnancy is different. Keeping that in mind, we will find out more about the main features of the second pregnancy.

Second pregnancy: Changes in the body

Whether it is the first or the second pregnancy, these pregnancies are different. Not necessarily lighter or heavier.

However, women, who had one pregnancy in the past, and now are expecting a second child, feel the movements of the fetus earlier. They already know how movements should look and feel, they know what to expect and wait for.

Another difference is that the belly is visible earlier because the abdominal muscles are no longer as strong as they were before the first pregnancy. It does not mean that the uterus or belly grows faster. This is due to a change in the tonus of the abdominal muscles.

There are no serious observations regarding nausea and vomiting. If you had nausea during the first pregnancy, there is a high possibility that you will also have nausea during the second.

Planning second pregnancy: Women feel more ready

Here are the main traits of a woman who is ready to have a child:

  •         She realizes that pregnancy and giving birth are her responsibility.
  •         She knows her pregnancy timing. Always use a period calculator.
  •         She loves herself and her body, which is why she is able to relax her body and mind.
  •         She is able to trust the people who help her, including doctors, a partner, and family members.
  •         She knows that a healthy lifestyle has a lot of advantages.
  •         She knows that every birth is unique.

Second childbirth is easier

There is such a tendency that the second birth is easier. Psychologically, a woman feels stronger and knows what to expect. She has more knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, if the first time was a negative experience, she may be even more afraid and anxious.

However, the birth itself is easier due to the faster opening of the cervix. For women giving birth for the first time, it takes up to 3 hours, repeated times - shorter, usually up to an hour. Usually, since the second birth is shorter and women already know what to expect, the pain seems to be smaller.

Usual problem: Secondary infertility

A common problem is a secondary infertility when a woman was pregnant once and now she cannot have a baby for a second time.

One of the most important causes of female secondary infertility is the woman's age. Currently, women usually have their first child in their late 20s. Naturally, the second child’s birth is planned in their 30s. However, women of older reproductive age have a smaller ovarian reserve. As the ovarian reserve decreases, the quality of the egg changes. As a result, fewer eggs are fertilized or more embryos with incorrect genetic information are not destined to implant in the uterus.

The bottom line

Usually, the second pregnancy is calmer, because the woman already has knowledge and experience about pregnancy and childbirth. It must be remembered that each pregnancy is unique. However, during the second pregnancy, you may face new problems, such as difficult conception. However, do not give up, because modern medicine can help you and your partner. Never forget to take care of yourself, practice a healthy lifestyle, and take care of your mental health.