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Piccolo’s NEW Just-For-You Subscription Box

Nutrition tailored to your little one, which changes as they grow.

Piccolo Just-for-You Subscription BoxPiccolo Foods Just-for-You Subscription Box

From milk to weaning worries to cooking for critics, with each new stage, comes new needs.

Piccolo’s subscription service is a personalised meal plan that is complete, healthy and tailored to your little one's age, dietary requirements and any eating goals you have for them – delivered straight to your door however often you want.

Ever filled your shopping cart (virtual or real) with an array of baby food products to try, then spent ages researching the infant nutrition ins and outs, assessing and reassessing your choices trying to figure out if you’ve chosen the best meals?

Fellow parents at Piccolo know this all too well and have come to our rescue with the launch of their subscription box. Lockdown changed the way we shop, and this new subscription box is here to make our lives easier.

As experts in infant nutrition, they assemble food boxes based on information you give. Just tell them your little one’s age, dietary requirements and your eating goals for them (read: need help with the broccoli battle, or want to include more variety?)

Piccolo Food

Supporting your feeding journey, from start to finish

Plus, they’ll keep track of your growing baby’s nutritional needs so you don’t have to – the box will evolve as baby grows older, including dairy, protein and more texture as they're ready. 

Piccolo has boxes for all stages, whether you want formula milk, a combination of their nutritious, balanced fruit and veg pouches or their award-winning cooking range, made up of baby pastas, stir in sauces and stock cubes, plus some snacks to keep them going.

Here to support you in your family’s feeding adventure, Piccolo will deliver your box as often as you want based on your needs. That’s one less thing on your plate (so to speak).

Prices start at £25 a box with free delivery


Piccolo Food Just-for-You Subscription Box

Piccolo Organic makes healthy (and very tasty) baby meals, cooking products and snacks to help you get the balance right every day. The brand is partnered with City Harvest and Little Village, and gives 10% of its profits to charity. Available in all major retailers and its online store, as individual bundles and its new, personalised subscription service. www.mylittlepiccolo.com