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Pest Control in Your Home: Baby Safety Tips

Uninvited guests like bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, etc. invading your home can cause a lot of frustration, especially if there is a baby living with you. 

Pest Control in your Home: Baby Safety Tips

These creatures can spread disease, making your home an unsafe environment to live in. As a parent, it is our number one priority to ensure our children remain safe at all times. Most parents and guardians worry about exposing their kids to harmful chemicals that are often used to exterminate pests, so, what can they do to get rid of the pests without putting your child in danger?

Keep in mind that young children are still developing, which makes them more vulnerable to the dangers of pest control products in comparison to adults. Before using any household pest control products, find out if it is safe to use them around children. Your child might have to stay in a relative's house until all the work has been completed. Let's take a closer look at how you can control your pest problem without putting you or your child at risk. 

Explain to a Pest Control Company that you have a Baby

There are several advantages if you decide to spend your hard-earned money on a reputable pest control company to tackle your pest problem. 

Reliable pest control companies will have all of the tools needed to get rid of these unpleasant creatures, along with the experience needed to exterminate pests in a short space of time. They often have a wide variety of chemicals, including eco-friendly pest control products. 

However, it is of vital importance that you explain to the experts that there is a baby living in your house so they can take extra precautions while working in your home. They might advise you to take your baby out of the house while the work is being carried out, so the child isn’t exposed to chemicals and fumes that might cause harm. Find out how long you will have to remove the child from your home before it is safe to go back indoors. 

Pests can have a terrible impact on a child’s health, so if you are struggling to control the pest problem yourself, it is important that you hire a professional pest control company with plenty of experience to solve the issue. 

Bed Bugs

Finding bed bugs in your baby’s bed is a parent’s worst nightmare! Eliminating bed bugs can prove challenging, and if the situation gets out of control, you might find it impossible to get rid of them, but before you start to panic, follow these simple steps:

  1. Are you sure there are bed bugs in your baby’s bed? A lot of folks get mixed up between fleas, ticks, and bed bugs. If you think you have found a bed bug, but you're not sure, there are several videos uploaded to streaming platforms that will help you figure out whether or not you have a bed bug problem.

  2. Understand the different treatment options: Before you begin to spray the baby’s bed with chemicals, consider the different methods available first. There are several different treatment options, so you will want to find one that doesn’t put your baby at risk.

  3. Clean the baby’s room: Bed bugs are known to hide in small areas, which is why it is difficult to see them. Declutter your child’s room and clean it from top to bottom. Wash and heat dry all of the child’s blankets and bedsheets. Also, wash any pieces of clothing that have touched the floor.

  4. Invest in encasements: Bed bugs often hide in your baby’s mattress, so you should consider purchasing encasements, which are special bed bug covers that goes over the mattress to prevent bed bugs from gaining access. However, not all encasements work, so find one that has been tested for bed bugs. Most encasements last for approximately 12 months. 

  5. If the bed bugs are still present, then it's probably time to hire a company that provides a bed bug pest control service. If you don’t tackle the issue sooner rather than later, it might get worse. 


If mice have gained access to your house, you're not the first. This is a common issue that a lot of renters and homeowners face on a regular basis. However, you have to be very careful when trying to get rid of them, especially if there is a baby child in the house. 

People often use poison to kill mice, but if your baby ingested the poison, they might require emergency medical treatment. Parents should avoid using poison to kill mice, but if they do decide to use it, they should put it in an area where children cannot reach it. Some poison looks like candy, and young children sometimes decide to eat it. If your child ingests poison, make contact with medical services immediately.