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Parenting in the Digital Age: A Journey with Hulu and Kids

Hulu offers a variety of thrilling action movies, along with a great selection of family movies. Hulu movies have good options for families with children. You may approach parenting kids differently, but we all watch movies. We will help you find the perfect movies that will be of interest to all ages: children under 5 years old, teenagers, adults, and even seniors.

1. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu, the exception among Pokémon, becomes Tim Goodman's unexpected partner when Tim investigates the mysterious death of his father, Detective Harry Goodman. Detective Pikachu is astonished that Tim can understand him and together, they embark on an adventure. Convinced that Harry is alive, Pikachu and Tim join forces to expose illegal Pokémon fighting rings and foil a conspiracy to transform innocent creatures into their most dangerous forms.

2. The Amazing Maurice

Terry Pratchett authored a well-loved book series called Discworld. However, this film is based on a novel titled "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents." It's an animated tale revolving around Maurice, a cat entangled in a village harboring a peculiar secret. The cast includes Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke, David Thewlis, and Gemma Arterton, among others. Despite earning a decent global revenue, this film received limited distribution in the U.S., making it likely that your children haven't watched it yet.

Please note that Hulu is only available in the USA. More precisely, residents of several other countries also have access, but with some restrictions. Most people are forced to watch Hulu with a VPN. Only a VPN makes Hulu accessible, but not every service is suitable for this. One of the few VPNs that can bypass these restrictions is VeePN with its 2500+ servers. It offers fast speeds, the ability to unblock any streaming service, and the ability to connect up to 10 devices.

3. Flicka

Flicka, directed by Michael Mayer, is a captivating country song presented in film format. It follows the story of Katy (played by Alison Lohman), a determined and somewhat rebellious teenage girl, as she strives to prove herself worthy of inheriting her family's ranch. Tim McGraw delivers an unexpectedly authentic performance as Katy's strict father. Flicka seamlessly blends themes of family, love, and tenacity against a breathtaking backdrop. Maria Bello portrays Katy's mother, and Ryan Kwanten takes on the role of the love interest. This movie blurs the line between romance and a young adult novel focused on equestrian pursuits.

4. Real Steel

Real Steel tells the story of a boy, his robot, and his father. In a future where robots reign in the boxing sport, Charlie Kenton, a former boxer (played by Hugh Jackman), finds himself desperate. Reluctantly, he takes custody of his son, Max, following the death of his ex-girlfriend.

While searching for parts, Max stumbles upon Atom, an exceptional sparring robot. Atom's success in the ring brings Charlie and Max closer together. But when misfortune strikes, they face a daunting challenge to stay united. Only a miracle can save them now.

5. Hotel Transylvania

The Count Dracula franchise, featuring Adam Sandler as the legendary vampire and his mischievous son-in-law, played by Andy Samberg, recently concluded with Hotel Transylvania: Transformania in early 2022. However, indications suggest that this series is far from fading into obscurity. There will always be devoted fans of these movies, and the first instalment is currently available on Hulu, offering audiences an opportunity to trace its origins.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Director Tim Burton (Wednesday) once again teams up with stars Johnny Depp (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) and Helena Bonham Carter (Ocean's 8) in creating a visually captivating experience with their film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Acclaimed Bates Motel star, Freddie Highmore, delivers an impressive performance as the young and kind Charlie Bucket, effectively portraying the character opposite Depp's eccentric candy factory owner, Willy Wonka. This vivid and colourful cinematic symphony, based on Roald Dahl's novel, showcases a remarkably innovative production design and cleverly emphasises practical effects.

7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Catch "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" on Hulu while it's available! Starring Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, this blockbuster follows four teens who find themselves inside a video game as avatar versions. It was a major success and has even spawned a sequel, with another currently in the works. It's an incredibly entertaining experience that you won't want to miss.

8. Monster House

The film "Monster House" lives up to its name, as it revolves around a vengeful, seemingly alive house that devours children. Owned by Horace Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi), the house's reign of terror prompts young DJ Walters (Mitchel Musso), along with his friends Chowder (Sam Lerner) and Jenny (Spencer Locke), to take matters into their own hands. When Nebbercracker suffers a heart attack, this trio must venture into the belly of the beast to put an end to the terror.


On Hulu you can find family content and lots of it. You yourself will be able to get into the plot and funny stories of the characters. Surprisingly, these films are fun to watch at any age.